Terms and Conditions for Research Grants

As a grant holder, you must comply with the guidelines described in Lundbeckfonden’s Terms and Conditions for Research Grants. There may be special guidelines for specific grants. If so, these will be sent to you.

Lundbeckfonden expects researchers who receive funding to conduct their research according to recognised codes of good research practice, including the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, the Medical Research Council’s Good Research Practice and the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology’s Guidelines for Good Pharmacoepidemiology Practices. This also applies to interaction with other researchers, collection, generation and analysis of data, applications for research funding, publication of research results and recognition of direct and indirect contributions by colleagues, partners and others.

It is a prerequisite that researchers who receive funding from Lundbeckfonden are affiliated with institutions that have their own published codes and guidelines for good research practice, and that the grant holder complies with such guidelines. Moreover, it is a prerequisite that these institutions have formally described procedures, which must be adhered to when handling any suspicion of scientific dishonesty.

To be eligible to receive a grant from Lundbeckfonden, the grant holder and the host institution, as well as researchers and third parties affiliated with the research project, must also comply with all laws and rules relevant to the research project.

Responsible Research and Innovation

Lundbeck Foundation adheres to the belief that research should be conducted in accordance with Responsible Research and Innovation, cf. the EU’s HORIZON 2020. Consequently, Lundbeckfonden expects that, in their research, both the grant holder and other scientists affiliated with the project will strive to comply with the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation.



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