Bringing Discoveries to Lives

With its 2030 strategy, “Bringing Discoveries to Lives”, the Lundbeck Foundation is preparing the ground for a doubling of the Foundation’s wealth to provide the means to double its grants. The strategy is based on the Foundation’s purpose and charter and describes in concrete terms how the Lundbeck Foundation aims to add value up to 2030.

‘Over the next ten years we will double our regular grants for research in Denmark, develop a clearer, more strategic focus on the brain, broaden our portfolio of long-term ownerships in the field of healthcare and launch specific initiatives to stimulate collaboration between research and the business sector,’

Lene Skole, CEO

The strategy applies to all Lundbeck Foundation activities. The aim is for our portfolio of long-term ownerships to grow to five to eight healthcare companies, and the ambition is that, with the Lundbeck Foundation as a committed owner, these companies will develop into global leaders within their fields.

The Lundbeck Foundation : Bringing Discoveries to Lives  

A film about our 2030 strategy.

Concrete and ambitious goals for 2030

Our sharp focus on the brain and brain research is intrinsically linked to the astronomical cost of brain disorders to society. New research conducted at Aarhus University shows that brain disorders affect one in five Danes, and the direct and indirect costs associated with these disorders amount to more than DKK 100 billion a year. What’s more, the human cost paid by both patients and their relatives is immense.

The video to the left explains our 2030 strategy. And you can read more about it here (link to the leaflet, which I think should also be downloadable)

See our 2030 strategy 

Read and download our strategy here.