The Brain Prize 10 million DKK (approx. 1,3 million €) is a personal research prize awarded annually by the Lundbeck Foundation. The Brain Prize is awarded to one or more scientists, who have distinguished themselves by an outstanding contribution to neuroscience and who are still active in research.

The Brain Prize recognises highly original and influential advances in any area of brain research, defined as research on any aspects of the brain and the nervous system in health and disease. It is a broad research field, encompassing a wide range of disciplines from basic neuroscience to applied clinical research aimed at producing new scientific knowledge on aetiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of diseases affecting the brain and the nervous system.

If several researchers have contributed significantly to this achievement, more than one individual may be nominated. Nominees can be of any nationality.

Only nominated candidates will be considered by the Selection Committee.

The rewarded research must – in an international perspective – be outstanding. It is the task of the Selection Committee to decide in each individual case, what characterizes the research as outstanding and therefore deserves the prize.

Prize winners are expected to interact with Danish brain researchers e.g. through lectures, conferences, site-visits or other activities agreed with and financially supported by the Lundbeck Foundation.

The Brain Prize