Dermtreat is a clinical stage company focused on the development of the Rivelin® patch designed to deliver a pharmaceutical drug uni-directional to a mucosal surface.

Insusense Therapeutics

Insusense Therapeutics is developing novel innovative drugs for the treatment of diabetes based on the world leading research in role of the sortilin protein family conducted by Professor Anders Nykjær and his group at the Lundbeckfond Center MIND at University of Aarhus.

IO Biotech

IO Biotech is a clinical stage biotech company developing disruptive immune therapies i.e. checkpoint/cancer vaccines. Checkpoint/cancer vaccines suppress the function of regulatory immune cells and induce inflammation in the microenvironment in addition to direct targeting of cancer cells.

NMD Pharma

NMD Pharma is a pre-clinical stage biotech company developing new innovative medical treatments for rare neuromuscular diseases including myasthenia gravis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and spinal muscular atrophy based on world leading electrophysiology science at University of Aarhus led by company founders, associate professor Thomas Holm Pedersen, professor Ole Bækgaard Nielsen and senior researcher Claus Elsborg Olesen.