Afyx Therapeutics

Afyx Therapeutics (former Dermtreat) is a clinical stage company focused on the development of the Rivelin® patch designed to deliver a pharmaceutical drug uni-directionally to a mucosal surface.

Invested in 2017

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark and San Diego, USA


CytoKi is a discovery stage biotech progressing an advanced program to significant unmet medical need.

Invested in 2019

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Folium Science

Folium Food Science is a research stage company with a vision to become the leading food science biotech using CRISPR technology to modulate bacterial biomes to combat bacterial contaminations.

Invested in 2017

Based in Cambridge and Bristol, UK

Insusense Therapeutics

Insusense Therapeutics

Insusense Therapeutics is a research stage company developing innovative drugs for the treatment of diabetes based on the world leading research on the role of the sortilin protein family.

Invested in 2012

Based in Aarhus, Denmark

IO Biotech

IO Biotech is a clinical stage biotech company developing disruptive immune therapies for immunological treatment of cancer using its unique and novel technology platform T-win. The technology directly targets tumor cells and the micro environment and initiates a dynamic process of activating the host immune system.

Invested in 2015

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

NMD Pharma

NMD Pharma is a pre-clinical stage biotech company developing new innovative medical treatments for rare neuromuscular diseases and a new generally applicable reversal agent for neuromuscular blockade for application in surgical recovery.

Invested in 2016

Based in Aarhus, Denmark


SNIPR Biome is a discovery stage biotech company with a vision to become the leading microbiome company using CRISPR technology against bacteria to combat human disease.

Invested in 2017

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

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