Time to share your most daring idea with us!

We are now accepting applications for our LF Experiments programme!

This programme provides funding for the most audacious and ambitious research projects.

If you hold at least a PhD or a similar qualification and you have a high-risk project in mind, the Lundbeck Foundation would like to give you a shot at revolutionising your field of research.

Many of these types of project are doomed to failure, but if they succeed, they have the potential to change the world.

Applicants’ names and CVs will not be published before the review panel has selected the best ideas for funding. So don’t hesitate to share your craziest idea!

The Foundation expects to allocate grants worth up to DKK 2 million for up to two years, and up to 10% of the budget can be reserved for project-related indirect costs, provided there is sufficient justification.

Deadline: 25 August 2020

Read more and submit your application here.


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