The Brain Conferences

A Lundbeck Foundation activity in partnership with FENS

The Brain Conferences are high-level scientific meetings, where up to 150 experts on a given topic meet in a lively and intimate environment.

‘No hidden agendas, no holding back: striving for a vibrant atmosphere in which open discussions are even more important than exposing the audience to data slides.’

Started by FENS in 2012,the conference series was a co-production with the European Science Foundation, ESF.
Starting in the spring 2014, the Lundbeck Foundation has been FENS’ new partner for these prestigious conferences.

The partnership allows FENS to organize two Brain Conferences annually, at least for the next 5 years. The Brain Conferences will be placed in Denmark and each spring edition of the Brain Conferences will be linked to the subject of the previous year’s prize winners.

Inherent to the agreement between FENS and the Lundbeck Foundation, each year 40 slots with an approximately even distribution between the two annual conferences are reserved for Danish scientists. These slots will be distributed directly by the Foundation.

A committee of internationally renowned scientists each year selects the topics of the two conferences. The committee aims to rotate subjects across the various neuroscience fields as much as possible, always keeping the highest scientific standard and focus on excellence.

A small selection of international leaders are invited to present their latest data and, more importantly, to highlight and discuss their current views and news on the topic. Senior as well as junior scientists can join in, subject to selection. This sounds exclusive, and so it is, but without excluding anyone: those that can truly contribute to the chosen topic are admitted to the conference up to the maximal number of participants. The idea is that every participant really contributes to the overall exchange of information and ideas, for instance by presenting a poster or joining in the discussions.

Brain conferences in 2019:

Brain Conference – May 2019

“Understanding and targeting Alzheimer’s disease” 5-8 May 2019, Rungstedgaard, North of Copenhagen, Denmark Co-chairs: Christian Haass, LMU Munich & German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Germany and Beth Stevens, Harvard Medical School, USA Go to application Dementia poses one of the largest health and economic problems in the world with over 50 million people worldwide living...

Brain Conference – June 2019

“Dynamics of the brain: temporal aspects of computation” 9 – 12 June 2019, Rungstedgaard, North of Copenhagen, Denmark Co-chairs: Gilles Laurent, MPIBrain Research, Frankfurt, Germany and Ila Fiete, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, USA Go to application The brain is an extraordinarily complex dynamical system whose critical operations run over timescales ranging from the sub-millisecond (e.g.,...

The Brain Prize