The Lundbeck Foundation honours three brilliant, upcoming research talents

They’re not yet 30 but they have already shown outstanding talent, which is why three young researchers are receiving a Lundbeck Foundation Talent Prize.

‘We have three very promising research talents here, and they’ve all impressed us by producing outstanding research results at a young age. But besides publishing copious articles and contributing new knowledge to their own fields of research, they also show a talent for innovation, collaboration and communication. They have a strong foundation on which to build an exciting research career,’ says Jan Egebjerg, Director of Research at the Lundbeck Foundation.

The prize is accompanied by a monetary award of DKK 500,000, DKK 150,000 of which is a personal honorary award, while DKK 350,000 is earmarked for the prizewinner’s research.

The three Talent Prize recipients are:

Josefine Stokholm Bækgaard, PhD student, MD, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen, Anaesthetics Clinic at the Centre of Head and Orthopaedics and the University of Copenhagen
Josefine’s research focuses on use of oxygen for acute treatment of trauma patients. Her research has led to clinical trials to investigate whether recommendations for the amount of oxygen used in acute treatment should actually be modified.
Josefine was a visiting researcher at both the Harvard Medical School and Avicenne Hospital in Paris, and an auspicious career as a clinical researcher is predicted for her. She is also a skilful communicator and, despite her young age, she has already published an extraordinary volume of scientific articles.

Jawad Haider Butt, foundation doctor, PhD student, MD, Department of Cardiology, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen
Jawad skilfully and innovatively applies sophisticated, statistical methods to analyse clinical and registry-based data. His research has helped improve the way we treat patients with cardiovascular diseases. Jawad will spend the final year of his PhD studies working with the world’s leading heart failure researcher in Glasgow. He is described as an exceptionally talented and passionate researcher, and it is predicted that he will become a leading Danish cardiologist and international cardiac researcher. Despite his young age, Jawad has published an extraordinary volume of scientific articles in internationally renowned journals.

Jens Velde Andersen, PhD student, MSc from the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, and NeuroMet Research Group
Jens’ research focuses on the brain’s neurotransmitters and the role of brain energy metabolism in neurodegenerative diseases. With his research, Jens has helped map the molecular changes in metabolism that occur in the brain when we develop Alzheimer’s and Huntingdon’s disease. He masters a wide variety of methods and technologies which may help identify the basic mechanisms behind the diseases and, ultimately, lead to better medical treatment. Jens is described as an extraordinarily talented, ambitious and passionate young neuroscientist with immense drive. He collaborates with the best researchers across a variety of disciplines in Denmark and abroad, and he is currently training with the world’s leading metabolism researchers in New York.

About the Lundbeck Foundation’s talent prizes
The Lundbeck Foundation talent prizes are awarded every year to three young scientists under the age of 30. The prizes are given to scientists who have conducted particularly promising research in the field of biomedical science.

The Lundbeck Foundation wishes to support researchers at all stages of their career, and the aim of the talent prizes is to recognise the new generation’s most talented researchers and to give their careers a nudge in the right direction – not least on the international scene, where prizes are of great import.

At the same time, as one of the largest research-funding foundations in Denmark, we wish to draw attention to the great social value of research.

For further details please contact:

Jan Egebjerg, Director of Research at the Lundbeck Foundation, tel. +45 3912 8009 or je@lundbeckfonden.com

Pernille Thorborg Jasper, Media Relations Manager at the Lundbeck Foundation, tel. +45 2118 9132 or ptj@lundbeckfonden.com


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