The Lundbeck Foundation has just released its 2009 result

The Lundbeck Foundation’s profit in 2009 was DKK 2,639 million (? 354 m). The return on investment was 14.3 percent. The Fundation’s equity, measured at market value amounted to DKK 26,138 million (? 3,513 m).

In 2009, the Lundbeck Foundation granted a total of DKK 340 million (? 45 m) for research in biomedical and natural sciences. DKK 295 million went to basic research and DKK 37 million for clinical / applied research. Among the grants are five grants of DKK 10 million each providing excellent young Danish researchers the opportunity to start their own research group at a Danish university. Funding will continue in 2010 at around DKK 340 million (? 45 m).


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