The Lundbeck Foundation enters partnership with

The Society for Neuroscience will receive around 4.5 million Danish kroner from the Lundbeck Foundation over the next five years for further development of brain research’s leading knowledge portal –

The Lundbeck Foundation joins the exclusive company of the major foundations and institutions that have already entered a partnership with knowledge portal is the leading website for information about brain research, and the portal contains millions of videos and articles sharing knowledge about the brain in an enthusiastic and accessible manner. has eight million users and was relaunched in 2017. A five-year grant of $ 750,000 – around 4.5 million Danish kroner – from the Lundbeck Foundation enables the American Society for Neuroscience to continue development of

“We give over 500 million Danish kroner to biomedical sciences research every year – around half of this amount goes to our most important focus area, the brain. One of our aims is therefore to establish long-term partnerships with other organisations for the benefit of Danish and international neuroscience. And our funding of and cooperation with the Society for Neuroscience are the next step in the internationalisation of our activities,” says Professor Thomas Sinkjær, Senior Vice President Grants & Prizes at the Lundbeck Foundation.

Facts about is a knowledge portal that gives visitors a basic understanding of the brain and nervous system through articles, animation, videos and interactive elements. is also a resource for teachers looking to stimulate the interest of their students in the brain and nervous system, through exercises online and in the classroom.

In addition to the Lundbeck Foundation, has the following partners: The Kavli Foundation, The Gatsby Charitable Foundation, The Wellcome Trust, The Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and The Brain Initiative Alliance.

For further details please contact:

Kim Krogsgaard, Head of Prizes, Director of The Brain Prize, on +45 2014 8384 or at


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