Share your most audacious research idea with us

As part of the Lundbeck Foundation’s new award strategy, we are launching a programme with the aim of encouraging scientists to apply for funding for their most audacious ideas.

Lundbeck Foundation’s new grant programme, LF Experiment, focuses on funding the most extraordinary and ambitious research projects, and we are now accepting applications.

If you hold at least a PhD and have a high-risk project in mind, our new strategy makes it possible to challenge current dogmas and potentially revolutionise your field of research.

“The most audacious ideas are often associated with a high risk – and in a classic peer-review system, probably also a fear about what one’s peers will think of one’s ‘crazy idea’. But we want to give scientists a free space where they can voice their most radical ideas, because these are the kinds of ideas that have the potential to change the world – high risk, high reward! At the Lundbeck Foundation, we want to fund research that is on the extreme leading edge, where scientists take giant leaps into uncharted territory, and that is exactly what the LF Experiment programme supports,” says Christian Elling, acting-director of research at the Lundbeck Foundation.

What makes the LF Experiment programme unique is that the applicants’ names and CVs are not shared with the review panel. This helps to avoid bias in the selection of projects and frees applicants from worrying about putting their name on a project that others may consider ‘too crazy’.

In addition, the review panel does not necessarily have to be in complete agreement about the projects. Each reviewer has a trump card, and if even just one of the reviewers sees a strong potential in a project, they can play their trump card and the project will progress to the next phase.

So don’t hesitate to share your craziest idea! You can apply for grants of up to DKK 2 million for up to two years.

Coverage of indirect costs
The new strategy also means that up to 10% of the budget can be reserved for project-related indirect costs, provided there is sufficient justification.

Deadline: 15 August 2019

Read more and submit an application here.










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