Scientific Programme Director (Talent programs)

About The Lundbeck Foundation

In 2020, The Lundbeck Foundation (LF) initiated its new strategy ‘Bringing Discoveries to Lives’, which covers all aspects of the foundation’s activities from ownerships of three Danish healthcare companies, over investments in the biotech-sector in Denmark and globally, to grants to scientific research projects in healthcare with a particular focus on neuroscience research.

The Grants and Prizes’ team supports brain research through different instruments; Strategic programmes, open calls etc. The open calls target researchers at different maturity level of their research career. The ambition is to generate new insights about the brain thereby leading to better prevention, diagnostics and treatment of brain diseases. To achieve this, innovation and new knowledge is required as well as a strong pipeline of excellent research talents. An important objective for LF is therefore to identify, develop and support the next generation of top research talents in neuroscience through targeted talent development programmes.


Key Tasks

LF is looking to recruit a Scientific Programme Director, who will be responsible for the Foundation’s talent programmes. This includes the responsibility for all processes related to the Foundation’s ‘open calls’, which includes different tasks and activities such as the framing and phrasing new open calls, planning and structuring the evaluation processes and collaborating with external reviewers and advisors etc.

The position is part of the Grants & Prizes team, which awards more than DKK 500 annually to research in healthcare with a special focus on neuroscience and the brain. A significant part of the grants are directed towards talent programmes.

In the years to come, the Grants & Prizes team will work to identify new and relevant thematic areas in neuroscience and the new Scientific Programme Director is expected to play an active and constructive role in this process.

The key responsibilities for this position can therefore be summarized as follows;

  • Formulation of new open calls and all related processes, which includes a fair and timely evaluation process, which takes please in the Foundation’s external talent panels. The panels currently work with three types of calls; LF postdoc grants, LF ascending investigators and LF experiments.
  • Planning and implementing the evaluation process and following up on grants and projects
  • Building a close and constructive dialogue with Universities and other relevant research- and education institutions, regarding talent development within neuroscience in Denmark
  • Contributing to the process of identifying relevant research themes and topics within neuroscience in the Grants & Prizes team

The position does not hold formal people leadership responsibilities but is a considerable leadership challenge with regard to programme leadership and external collaboration with external partners and stakeholders.

The position reports directly to SVP of Grants & Prizes, Jan Egebjerg.


Expectations for candidates

The ideal candidate has the following competencies and experiences:

  • Research experience within neuroscience
  • Experience with evaluation of academic research projects and talents.
  • Insights and experience from Danish scientific research institutions.
  • International experience from a scientific research institution outside Denmark is an advantage.
  • Experience with talent develop and talent development programmes is considered an advantage.
  • Excellent communication skills in Danish and English.

A desire to be part of a collaborative team, which is committed to strengthening neuroscience research in Denmark


Apply and contact

In case you need any additional information, please contact Jan Egebjerg, SVP of Grants & Prizes, on je@lundbeckfonden.com.

If you are interested in applying for the position, please send your CV and a short cover letter to recruitment@lundbeckfonden.com prior to February 12th, 2021.



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