Science Programme Director (Open Neuroplatform)

About the Lundbeck Foundation

The Lundbeck Foundation’s (LF) supports neuroscience research to create new insights and knowledge about the brain that can lead to better prevention, diagnostic and treatment of brain diseases. In 2021, LF will take over a web-centred educational- and knowledge-focused platform, that has been developed by an international faculty of experts and scientific researchers in neurology and psychiatry. The ambition for LF is to develop the platform further and communicate new discoveries in neuroscience and clinical research to psychiatrists and neurologists all over the world, thereby contributing to better treatment of patients with brain diseases.

The Science Programme Director will lead the work around the platform development in close collaboration with the international faculty, that come together once a year to review and discuss advancements and issues within psychiatry and neurology and approve content for the platform. This include two new content themes per year, and the Science Programme Director will be responsible for driving the content development, which should be of the highest quality and used for CME-accredited courses by clinically working psychiatrists and neurologists.

The objectives for the platform are:

  • Education: Improve the awareness, recognition and management of CNS diseases through best available evidence-based educational activities
  • Quality of Care: Encourage best clinical practice by providing guidance and up to date information for optimal patient treatment and care
  • Partnership: Facilitate scientific and clinical networking by providing high quality material to the scientific societies and universities
  • Science: Be a center of excellence for CNS disease understanding and management

The role will require close collaboration with different international users and partners; The users will include international medical associations, international pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions etc. The target audience for the platform is clinically working doctors (clinically licensed, doctors working with clinical treatments) with focus on psychiatrists and neurologists through multiple channels and formats, such as presentations, videos, podcasts, infographics, disease atlas and features.


Key tasks and responsibilities

Key tasks and responsibilities

The Science Programme Director, Open Neuroplatform, will have the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Set a clear direction for the development of new content with respect to new academic discoveries and studies within CNS.
  • Collaborate with the international faculty, which consists of global scientific experts within neurology and psychiatry, regarding new content development.
  • Plan and organise the faculty’s annual meeting, where new educational content is approved
  • Steer the development of the web-based platform for educational content in close collaboration with LF’s team for Communication and external partners.
  • Ensure CME certification of new educational content
  • Update the existing knowledge platform with regard to new content
  • Ensure reporting and discussion of ground-breaking studies presented at scientific gatherings in collaboration with the faculty and external partners
  • Act as contact person for external users and partners
  • Collaborate with the LF’s communication team with regard to the platform development
  • Collaborate with LF’s Head of The Brain Prize with regard to the identification of relevant neuroscientific discoveries

The position is part of LF’s team for Grants & Prizes and reports to SVP of Grants & Prizes, Jan Egebjerg. The position is physically located at Scherfigsvej in Copenhagen.


Expectations for candidates

The ideal candidate has the following competencies and experiences:

  • Educational background as Cand. med or similar
  • Clinical experience within neurology or psychiatry
  • Insights and experience with scientific research environments
  • Experience with communication and scientific research topics
  • Understanding of pharmacology, clinical trial design and epidemiology
  • Excellent communication skills in English, both written and verbal
  • Interest in research and science
  • Proactive and independent
  • Good team player, but also thriving with independent work

Contact and apply

LF collaborates with the recruitment agency Zeuthen Storm with regard to the recruitment process. Please contact senior-researcher Jakob Skadhauge at – jacob@zeuthenstorm.com

Send your cover letter and CV to application@zeuthenstorm.com before February 12th, 2021.



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