Photographs & Logo

The Lundbeck Foundation logo

The Lundbeck Foundation logo consists of a monogram and the Foundation’s name and is the heart of the Lundbeck Foundation’s identity. The logo is always used as shown below. Neither the monogram nor the name must stand alone, and relative spacing and proportions must not be changed. The logo is used for both Danish and non-Danish publications.

Colour and size
To the extent possible, the primary colour green should be used for the Lundbeck Foundation logo. Alternatively, a black or negative (white) version may be used. The negative version is used on dark or coloured backgrounds.

The Lundbeck Foundation logo must be at least 15 mm in height.

Brand space
The Lundbeck Foundation logo must be clearly visible and clearly legible in all situations. For this reason, we have defined a brand space as shown below. The brand space defines the distance to other graphical elements. This distance must also be respected if the logo is placed next to the edge of a surface or background.


If you need high resolution photos relating to the Lundbeck Foundation, you are welcome to contact us.

The Lundbeck Foundation must be credited and our logo used in connection with information about projects and researchers we have funded. This applies both to written and to film material. When you mention the Lundbeck Foundation, please note the following wording:

The Lundbeck Foundation funds projects and researchers. We do not sponsor and, consequently, must not be referred to as a sponsor. We grant funds for research and research communication – we do not donate. The name of the Foundation is Lundbeckfonden in Danish and the Lundbeck Foundation in English.

The Brain Prize – the world’s largest brain research prize is Danish and was founded by the Lundbeck Foundation.