Peter Hegemann

Peter Hegemann

Peter Hegemann, born December 11, 1954, Münster, Germany, Prof. Dr., Professor, Head of experimental biophysics, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany.

Honors and awards

  • 2013 The Louis-Jeantet Award
  • 2013 The Leibniz Prize of the German Research Foundation (DFG)
  • 2012 Zülch Prize for fundamental work in Neuroscience
  • 2010 Karl Heinz Beckurts Preis for technical innovation
  • 2010 Wiley Prize for Biomedical innovation

Current research interests

My group studies the photobiology of green algae including phototaxis and developmental processes. We are expecting to improve reverse genetics and structure function analysis of photoreceptors by establishing nuclear gene targeting in these lower plants. We are especially interested in unusual sensory photoreceptors including channelrhodopsins, enzyme rhodopsins, and flavin-based photoreceptors using electrophysiology, protein structure function analysis time resolved spectroscopy for the analysis. We work on photoreceptor design and engineering for optogenetic applications.