Elisabeth Tournier-Lasserve

Elisabeth Tournier-Lasserve

Elisabeth Tournier-Lasserve, born on 7 October 7, 1954, France, Professor of Medical Genetics at Paris-Diderot University; Director of the Genetics of Neurovascular diseases Department at Lariboisière Hospital, APHP; Director of the GenMedStroke team at Paris Diderot University-INSERM U1141 Research Lab, France.

Honors and awards

  • 2001 American Academy of Neurology, Frontiers in Clinical Neurosciences Prize
  • 2004 INSERM Clinical Research Prize
  • 2014 Yvette Rouannet Prize, Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale
  • 2016 Scientific Grand Prize Lefoulon Delalande. Institut de France, Paris (with E. Dejana)

Current research interests

My main research focus is to decipher the molecular players involved in hereditary cerebrovascular diseases with the goals to develop diagnostic tools for these conditions to improve clinical care and genetic counselling for patients and set up the ground to understand their mechanisms. After the identification of NOTCH3, the gene involved in CADASIL, my team identified several other genes involved in cerebral small vessel diseases and cerebral cavernous (CCM) malformations. We also developed highly relevant CCM mouse models currently used for preclinical trials. We currently pursue the deciphering of this highly heterogeneous group of disorders, tackling recently a very mysterious disease called moyamoya.