Anne Joutel

Anne Joutel

Anne Joutel (born March 20, 1965) was trained in Clinical Neurology and Neurosciences; she received her MD and PhD from Paris Denis Diderot and Pierre & Marie Curie Universities. Currently, she is Inserm Research Director at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurosciences of Paris, Inserm, Paris Descartes University (France) and Professor (part-time) in the Department of Pharmacology, Larner College of Medicine, University of Vermont (USA).

Honors and awards

  • 2001 Anita Harding Prize, European Society of Neurology
  • 2000 Jean Valade Young Investigator Prize, Fondation de France
  • 1997 Hélène Anavi Prize, Fondation Jean Dausset
  • 1996 Clara and Victor Soriano Prize, National Academy of Medicine

Research interests

Anne Joutel studies the pathogenic mechanisms of Small Vessel Diseases of the Brain, using a multidisciplinary approach. She has a long-standing interest in CADASIL, the most frequent monogenic form of these diseases. As a PhD student, she contributed in the identification of NOTCH3, the gene which is mutated in CADASIL. She subsequently developed multiple Notch3-related mouse models and deciphered some of the key mechanisms driving cerebrovascular dysfunction in CADASIL. She further established the preliminary preclinical efficacy of passive immunization targeting NOTCH3. Currently, her research aims at elucidating how changes in the microvascular extracellular matrix produce brain injury.