Our purpose

The purpose of the Lundbeck Foundation is important to the identity and cohesion of the Foundation. It constitutes a common frame of reference and guides us in everything we do. And it drives our focus on making better results.

The purpose of the Lundbeck Foundation is:

”To create powerful ripple effects that bring discoveries to lives

through investing actively in business and science at the frontiers of their fields”


Below you will find a narrative which describes the meaning of the words and phrases.


To create powerful ripple effects

We set ripples in motion through our activities, leading to great successes, results and break-throughs to the benefit of society.

Powerful ripples meet up, connect and influence each other; they create synergies leading to new discoveries. They enable us to punch above our weight.

We create ripple effects as a way of enhancing and extending our reach and impact in the world.

that bring discoveries to lives

The ripple effects will foster discoveries – new science, new knowledge, new ways of doing business, new ways of thinking. Discoveries reach across borders, technologies, universities, companies and research fields calling for us to exercise a global outlook with an open mind.

It is important that the discoveries are brought to lives – not just brought to life in the classic sense, but to people’s lives – and that they make these lives better.

through investing actively in business and science…

Investing is at the core of what we do as a foundation. We invest actively in innovative people, profitable companies, projects and ideas with the aim of creating environments that will lead to extraordinary results.

Business and science encompass financial and strategic investments as well as the research and researchers we choose to fund.

We take a proactive approach to demonstrate our involvement. We build on our insights and network and take pride in challenging the environments we invest in.

at the frontiers of their fields

We want the business and science we invest in to be constantly pushing the boundaries to discover the solutions of tomorrow. They are driven by the aspiration to be leading within their fields, looking for new ideas and approaches, exploring new technologies and opportunities.



Eske Willerslev receives prestigious Norwegian science prize for his Lundbeck Foundation research on brain disorders
22. January 2021
Science Programme Director (Open Neuroplatform)
18. January 2021
Scientific Programme Director (Talent programs)
15. January 2021