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STEM CELL RESEARCH All organs in our body rely on stem cells in order to maintain their function. The skin is our largest organ and forms a shield against the environment. New research results from BRIC, University of Copenhagen and Cambridge University, challenge current stem cell models and explains how the skin is maintained throughout...
CEO Steffen Kragh appointed new member of the board.
The three subsidiaries of the Lundbeck Foundation, H. Lundbeck, ALK and Falck, invested in growth and expansion, while Lundbeckfond Invest achieved one of its best returns ever, outperforming the benchmark. Lundbeckfond Ventures invested in five new companies with activities in ground-breaking technologies such as stem cell-based therapy and gene therapy, and Lundbeckfond Emerge made its...
The Brain Prize - Denmark's 1 million euro brain research prize - is awarded to six leading scientists for the development of 'optogenetics', a revolutionary technique that advances our understanding of the brain and its disorders.
With an investment of DKK 15 million Lundbeckfond Emerge secures financing to accelerate drug discovery and development of vps10p-proteins for treatment of diabetes and obesity to Danish world leading research team behind Insusense Therapeutics.
The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Europe's flagship laboratory for the life sciences, is now joining forces with Aarhus University as its Danish partner of the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine. On the initiative of the Lundbeck Foundation, a new elite research centre - DANDRITE - is to form the prestigious setting for top...
Chronic infections are a growing problem in our world. The bacteria clump together, which protects them against both antibiotics and the body's immune system. The recently appointed Lundbeck Foundation Fellow, Thomas Bjarnsholt, is trying to learn more about bacterial fortresses to make it easier to fight them in future.
Last night the Lundbeck Foundation awarded more than DKK 80 million to promising young talents in the Danish research community. The Foundation also announced that it will recommend that CEO Steffen Kragh becomes a new member of the Board.
The Lundbeck Foundation now invites applications for five fellowships within biomedicine and two within natural sciences which will be granted to especially promising young researchers and their research groups. Read more here: LF_Science_031012_177x120.pdf
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1. April 2020
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31. March 2020
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26. March 2020


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