New Senior Investment Director

Poul la Cour (39) has been employed as a Senior Investment Director at Lundbeckfond Invest, which manages the Lundbeck Foundation's investment funds of approximately 15 billion DKK. Paul will contribute to the continued expansion and professionalization of Lundbeckfond Invest's portfolio management, which in recent years has been restructured to a rather active investment strategy, with most of the assets managed internally rather than through external managers

Poul la Cour, who will join Lundbeckfond Invest on August 1, 2015, comes from a position as Senior Global Portfolio Manager of Novo Nordisk. He has significant financial experience and skills from previous positions which include being senior analyst in FIH Capital Markets as well as positions in Carnegie and BankInvest.

Poul la Cour holds a M.Sc. in Economics & Business Administration, Finance & Accounting from Copenhagen Business School. 


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