New brain research prize of ? 1 million

Denmark gets its first large international research award – a new brain research prize of ? 1 million The Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Prize – THE BRAIN PRIZE – is awarded by the Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation.

The new ? 1 million brain research prize will be awarded to one or more researchers who have delivered outstanding research results in the field of brain research.

The Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation is established by the Lundbeck Foundation. The prize will be presented for the first time 2 May 2011 at a ceremony at the Royal Danish Library, the Black Diamond, Copenhagen.

Prize awards will be followed by a range of events that will be held by the Foundation in collaboration with the universities of Copenhagen, Aarhus and Southern Denmark. By means of lectures, symposiums and exchange programmes for researchers, the prize winners will interact with the Danish brain research community, ensuring an even closer contact between Danish and European research.

The prize is awarded to one or more researchers who are nominated by their peers. An international selection committee, consisting of eight highly respected brain researchers, will decide which of the nominees are eligible for the prize. Professor Colin Blakemore, Oxford, UK, is chairman of the Selection Committee.

The Call for Nominations will be advertised in international scientific journals, among others Nature and Science.

The Lundbeck Foundation's chairman, Mogens Bundgaard-Nielsen, says of the motive for creating the new prize: 'With this prize we wish to acknowledge and stimulate outstanding brain research. In addition the prize is intended to further stimulate the ongoing internationalization of Danish brain research through an extensive outreach programme. We have chosen to establish the award under its own auspices in order to eliminate any doubt that the award of the prize may be associated with the commercial research interests of our portfolio company H. Lundbeck A/S.”

Dr. Nils Axelsen, consultant physician and chairman of the board of the Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation, has held a seat on the board of the Lundbeck Foundation for many years. Nils Axelsen says of the new initiative: 'The new prize will undoubtedly occupy a significant position in the field of international brain research and a group of leading international experts have with no hesitation agreed to join our selection committee. We are quite sure that this prize will become a beacon of Danish brain research and pave the way for even closer collaboration between Danish and foreign researchers'.

For further details, please contact: Director Kim Krogsgaard: +45 3917 8241 or mobile: +45 2014 8384.

The headquarters of the Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation are situated at the Copenhagen Bio Science Centre – COBIS. Daily operations are managed by the director, Kim Krogsgaard, MD,DMSc. The board of directors comprises Dr Nils Axelsen,(chairman); Professor Jens F. Rehfeld (vice- chairman); Professor Anders Björklund; Dr. Anne-Marie Engel; University Chancellor, Professor Ralf Hemmingsen; University Chancellor, Professor Lauritz Holm-Nilsen; and Univeristy Chancellor, Professor Jens Oddershede. The Foundation has appointed an international SelectionCcommittee consisting of Professor Colin Blakemore (chairman), UK; , Professor Tomas Hökfelt (vice-chairman), Sweden; Professor Huda Akil, USA; Professor Yves Agid, France; Professor Fred H. Gage, USA; Professor Florian Holsboer, Germany; Professor Ranga R. Krishnan, Singapore; and Professor Jes Olesen, Denmark.

Website: www.thebrainprize.org


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