New application programme open for experienced researchers

The Lundbeck Foundation ‘Ascending Investigators’ programme is now open for applications.

The Lundbeck Foundation wishes to support established and talented scientists working in the field of biomedical sciences research in Denmark. In this context, we have added a new funding programme for experienced researchers to the Foundation’s grant strategy.

We call the programme ‘Lundbeck Foundation Ascending Investigators’ and it is open for experienced researchers who have already established their own research field and conducted original research of a high international standard. The Foundation is seeking applicants who have accomplished significant achievements over the past five to ten years at Danish institutions as well as foreign researchers who would like to move to Denmark and continue their research here.

The Lundbeck Foundation is allocating DKK 100 million to this programme. Candidates can apply for a grant of DKK 5 million, to be distributed over a four-year period.

The application deadline is 3 May 2019.

For further details about the grant, click here.

To enter the application system, click here.


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