Lundbeck Foundation strengthens its external profile

Regitze Reeh has 20 years of experience in international communication and comes from a position as Country Manager, Communications and Government Relations at Shell, where she worked 10 years in the limelight for the oil company. 

“The appointment of Regitze Reeh is part of creating more awareness and openness about the Foundation and highlight our many activities. Regitze Reeh has a solid strategic communication background and experience from international organizations of various sizes and industries. I look forward to Regitze becoming part of the Foundation's management team and feel confident that she can carry out the very important task of further developing and implementing the Foundation's profile in Denmark and internationally, as well as participating to ensure the Foundation's imprint in the public and political debate regarding research, “says CEO Lene Skole. 

“After 10 hectic years in a global energy group, I look forward to diving into what is for me a completely new sector which has deep roots in Danish business and is of major importance for society. The Foundation has a very broad spectrum of interests and has activities ranging from awards for research, investment in early research, start-up biotech companies and management of its own portfolio as well as being a long-term owner of H. Lundbeck, ALK and Falck. I am excited to become a part of this, “says Regitze Reeh, who will start on 1 April.

For further information please contact: CEO Lene Skole, Lundbeck Foundation, Tel.: +45 3912 8000 or e-mail: lsk@lundbeckfonden.com



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