Lundbeck Foundation grants research prizes and fellowships for DKK 60.7 million

Doling out over DKK 60 million to ground-breaking research is a good way to spend a Monday evening, and that is what Lundbeck Foundation has chosen to do on Monday, 9 November, when the Foundation celebrates six new Fellows, who will each receive DKK 10 million, and also hands out this year’s Research Prize for Young Scientists and four Talent Prizes.

For the next five years, six new Lundbeck Foundation Fellows will be researching issues such as sclerosis, potential correlation between schizophrenia and obesity, aging, the similarity between the leaf-cutter ant and human beings, a new treatment for strokes and whether Parkinson’s disease begins in the gut.

Over the past nine years, the Foundation has allocated half a billion Danish kroner to a total of 50 Lundbeck Foundation Fellowships.

Supporting and contributing to the development of the careers of scientists is one of the cornerstones of the Lundbeck Foundation. All of this year’s Fellows have in common that they are driven by curiosity, original ideas and a desire to make a difference to the society in which they live. Each one personifies the Foundation’s vision to create a better life through knowledge,” says Anne Marie Engel, director of research at Lundbeck Foundation.

On the same evening, four young scientists – all in their twenties – will receive Lundbeck Foundation’s Talent Prizes of DKK 100,000 each. Finally, Lundbeck Foundation will present this year’s Research Prize for Young Scientists, a personal prize of DKK 300,000. All five have made remarkable and promising contributions to research at a very early stage of their careers.

The special thing about the honorary awards is that it is not possible to apply for them. Consequently, all five of the prize winners were nominated by leading researchers who have selected them from the many researchers they meet as particularly outstanding.

“We set up our prizes to draw attention to and acknowledge the research activities of young scientists.  We’re in no doubt that we’ll be hearing much more of the recipients of both the four Talent Prizes and the Research Prize for Young Scientists,” says Anne Marie Engel.

Follow the links below for further details about each of the six Lundbeck Foundation Fellows and the recipients of the four Talent Prizes and the Research Prize for Young Scientists:


Anders Bach, University of Copenhagen

Simon Bekker-Jensen, University of Copenhagen

Per Borghammer, Aarhus University Hospital

Sine Reker Hadrup, Technical University of Denmark

Tune Pers, University of Copenhagen & Statens Serum Institute

Guojie Zhang, University of Copenhagen


Robert Fenton, Aarhus University


Kristoffer Andresen, University of Copenhagen

Christian Ovesen, University of Copenhagen

Anton Pottegård, University of Southern Denmark

Sigrún Schmidt, Aarhus University

For further details, please contact:

Regitze Reeh, head of communications at Lundbeck Foundation, tel.: +45 3054 6608+45 3054 6608.



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