Lundbeck Foundation appoints a Grants & Prizes Panel

All set to evaluate the most prominent brain-related ventures.

Six leading researchers will be the critical quality filter that will help the Lundbeck Foundation realise its ambition to make Denmark a world leader in brain research. These six scientists will make up a new Grants & Prizes Panel whose job, among other things, is to assist the Lundbeck Foundation in selecting the projects and professors that are so promising as to warrant exceptional financial support to tread new and innovative ground in the field of brain research.

The Panel will also help select the young scientists the Lundbeck Foundation wishes to fund through the award of five-year fellowships. The panel members have now been chosen: three Danish and three from abroad. The Danish members are already members of the Lundbeck Foundation Board of Directors, elected according to the Foundation’s trust deed.

“And, together, these six scientists make a particularly competent team,” says Professor Thomas Sinkjær, Director of Research at the Lundbeck Foundation.

These are the members of the Grants & Prizes Panel:

  • Professor Ray Dolan, Director of the Max Planck UCL Centre for Computational Psychiatry and Ageing Research (a collaboration between University College London, UK, and the Max Planck Institute, Germany). Dolan was one of the three scientists who were awarded The Brain Prize by the Lundbeck Foundation in 2017.
  • Professor Michael Kjær, Department of Clinical Medicine, Bispebjerg Hospital and the University of Copenhagen. Member of the Lundbeck Foundation Board of Directors.
  • Professor Susanne Krüger Kjær, Gynaecology Clinic, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen, and the Danish Cancer Society. Member of the Lundbeck Foundation Board of Directors.
  • Professor Monica di Luca, Faculty of Pharmacology, University of Milan, Italy. Monica di Luca is also President of the European Brain Council (EBC).
  • Professor Gunhild Waldemar, Neurology Clinic, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen. Member of the Lundbeck Foundation Board of Directors.
  • Professor Daniel Wolpert, Zuckerman Mind Brain and Behavior Institute, Columbia University, USA. Wolpert is internationally renowned for studies showing how the human brain controls movement.


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