When You Receive A Grant

All applicants are informed in writing about the result of their application. This information will not be given by telephone or e-mail.

The grant may fully meet the amount applied for, or only a portion of it. In some cases, a partial grant may be conditional upon the applicant securing financing of the remaining amount from other sources. The grant may be paid out in a single installment, or in several installments over a period of up to five years. Granted equipment belongs to the recipient’s institution, however, the recipient holds the first right of refusal.

The grant will be published on the Foundation’s website.

Lundbeckfonden expects to be acknowledged in all publications stemming from research funded by the Foundation.


As a grant holder, you must comply with the “General Terms and Conditions for Research Grants”  of the Lundbeck Foundation. There may be special guidelines for specific grants. If so, these will be sent to you.

Please find further information here.

Payment and reporting

The first installment of the amount granted is paid on request through the LF application and nomination system (LANAS). For multi-year funding, the continued payment requires that your annual status reports in LANAS and Researchfish are approved by the foundation.

Reporting takes place two places: Researchfish and LANAS. You must report in Researchfish once a year. This takes place between 1 December and 15 January. Grants for projects with a duration less than two years must be reported in Researchfish for a further three years after the end of the project. Grants for projects with a duration over two years must be reported in Researchfish for another five years after the end of the project.

Status and final reports and accounts must be reported in LANAS during the grant period and must be submitted no later than three months after the project date. After the end of the grant period, you must, as a grantee, submit via LANAS a final report and financial accounts of at least the same level of detail as the budget applied for or an approved updated budget.

Grants awarded for science education and dissemination projects should only be reported in LANAS.

Surplus funds

Lundbeckfonden must be notified immediately if you receive funding from another source for a project that has already received a grant from Lundbeckfonden, and the resulting funding is more than the amount for which you applied. Surplus funds must be repaid to the foundation.

Information and publication

All grants are announced on the foundation’s website.

Lundbeckfonden must be credited in all public information material about projects funded by the foundation. Therefore, it must be clearly stated in all peer-reviewed publications, conference proceedings, press coverage and other communication activities that the project is funded by Lundbeckfonden. If you are interviewed or, for example, talk to the media, you should ensure that it is quite clear that the activity is funded by Lundbeckfonden.

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