What We Have Funded


What we have funded 2018

Research categoryApplicantInstitutionProject titleGrant amount
Internationalisation programLawyer Hans Frederik DydensborgGlobal Medical AidDonation af overskudsmedicin og hospitalsudstyr175000
Internationalisation programPhD Fellow Sara JagerKing's College LondonSatellite glial cells in neuropathic pain1741000
Internationalisation programPostdoc Thorvald Faurschou AndreassenMcGovern Institute for Brain ResearchMIT postdoc costs120000
Internationalisation programPostdoc Thorvald Faurschou AndreassenMcGovern Institute for Brain ResearchMIT postdoc costs1150000
Internationalisation programDoctor Kåre FugleholmRigshospitaletThe Lundbeck Rwanda-Denmark Neurosurgical Fellowship65500
Internationalisation programPostdoc Hanne Demant HansenRigshospitaletCharacterizing brain network effects of novel and existing drugs using hybrid PET/MR imaging2963235
Internationalisation programProfessor Trevor W. RobbinsRigshospitaletFrom habits to compulsions: the role of serotonin in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder2857100
Internationalisation programProfessor Barbara SahakianUniversity of CopenhagenSerotonergic modulation of cognition, emotion and brain activation in healthy volunteers2474192
Internationalisation programAssociate professor Jacob Lund OrquinAarhus UniversityThe role of the locus coeruleus-norepinephrine system in learning and decision making1500000
Larger international meetings and conferencesProfessor Olaf B. PaulsonRigshospitaletIntegrated molecular imaging approaches to understanding the brain - past, present and future77500
Larger international meetings and conferencesProfessor Per Ebbe RolandUniversity of CopenhagenHow does the brain work?1773000
LF FellowshipsAssistant professor Lisa FrankelDanish Cancer SocietyElucidation of autophagy-mediated translational control10000000
LF FellowshipsPostdoc Amelie SteinUniversity of CopenhagenMELANIE - Mapping the landscape of protein sequence, function and interactions10000000
LF FellowshipsAssociate professor Christoffer LaustsenAarhus UniversityA new direction for ischemic stroke management using hyperpolarized 13C magnetic resonance imaging10000000
LF FellowshipsPostdoc Micah AllenAarhus UniversityThe Visceral Mind: An Embodied Approach to Computational Psychiatry10000000
LF FellowshipsPostdoc Nicolai BirkbakAarhus University HospitalExploiting cancer evolution to develop personalized diagnostics for precision medicine10000000
LF International PostdocResident Anders DahlGentofte HospitalNew Antibiotic Treatment Regimens in Enterococcus faecalis Endocarditis1381236
LF International PostdocPhD Fellow Md Zohorul IslamHarvard UniversityThe role of the human gut microbiome in inducing insulin production to prevent type 1 diabetes1875000
LF International PostdocPhD Fellow Line Jee Hartmann RasmussenHvidovre Hospital The role of chronic inflammation in aging and health2098976
LF International PostdocPostdoc Cihan GöksuHvidovre Hospital Electrical conductivity mapping of the living human brain by magnetic resonance imaging2099500
LF International PostdocPostdoc Julius FredensMedical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, CambridgeRewiring the genetic code of E. coli400000
LF International PostdocPostdoc Rune DamgaardMedical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, CambridgeUnderstanding Methionine1-linked ubiquitin in immune signalling, inflammation, and disease400000
LF International PostdocPostdoc Lila KhennoufUniversity College LondonMicrovascular alterations of the brain induced by diabetes mellitus 2099370
LF International PostdocPostdoc Henriette Elisabeth AutzenUniversity of California San FranciscoCryo-Electron Microscopy of Ion Channels in Native Bilayers1774848
LF International PostdocPostdoc Sanne Simone KaalundUniversity of CambridgeMeasuring microscpic changes at the macroscopic level in frontotemporal dementia700000
LF International PostdocPhD Fellow Ida UddbäckUniversity of CopenhagenLung Resident Memory T cells; early development and prevention of virus transmission2100000
LF International PostdocPostdoc Elham JaberiUniversity of CopenhagenRole of interferon-beta (IFN-ß) signaling in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) integrity700000
LF International PostdocPostdoc Ida Signe Bohse LarsenUniversity of CopenhagenExploring a novel regulatory mechanism of cadherin and protocadherin cell-cell adhesion receptors2096369
LF International PostdocPostdoc Martin Steen MortensenUniversity of CopenhagenModeling Asthma Development1750000
LF International PostdocPostdoc Maximilian KleinertUniversity of CopenhagenPantothenate Kinase 4 - A novel regulator of glucose metabolism in skeletal muscle700000
LF International PostdocAssistant professor Barbara Lykke LindUniversity of Lausanne3D meaurements of astrocyte and neuronal Ca2+ activity in health and Alzheimers disease.400000
LF International PostdocVisiting researcher Kosuke OkudaAarhus UniversityInvestigation of proteins crucial for novelty-induced memory enhancement 2100000
LF International PostdocPostdoc Siri StrandAarhus UniversityDelineating alterations in prostate cancer precursors for identification of tumor aggression markers2090800
LF International PostdocPostdoc Yongfu YuAarhus University HospitalRisk of cardiovascular diseases in children born to mothers with mutlimorbidity in chronic disease700000
LF PhD ScholarshipsClinical Assistant Erling OmaBispebjerg HospitalVentral hernia in women of childbearing age176932
LF PhD ScholarshipsResident Bjørn Strøier LarsenBispebjerg HospitalAtrial Cardiomyopathy in patients with stroke of assumed cardio-embolic mechanism1875000
LF PhD ScholarshipsDoctor Ruth Ottilia Birgitta VøggHerlev HospitalCardiac abnormalities in newborns and the influence of maternal preeclampsia1250000
LF PhD ScholarshipsStudent Christopher ChamberlainHerlev HospitalJANUS8: The two-faced role of CD8+ T cells in cancer1575000
LF PhD ScholarshipsDoctor Marie StarzerMental health services in the Capital Region of Denmark20 year follow-up of 578 patients with first episode psychosis included in the OPUS I trial 1875000
LF PhD ScholarshipsResearch assistant Xabier Calle SanchezMental health services in the Capital Region of DenmarkGenomic rearrangements: Prevalence and Population-Based Risk for Neuropsychiatric Disorders1575000
LF PhD ScholarshipsPhD Fellow Anders Ulrik EliasenTechnical University of DenmarkA Bayesian Approach to Genome-Wide Association Studies of Childhood Asthma1554818
LF PhD ScholarshipsAnna UlitkoUniversity of CopenhagenEffects of serotonin 2A receptor agonists on compulsivity and cognitive flexibility1573413
LF PhD ScholarshipsNina SalustrosUniversity of CopenhagenUnraveling the mechanisms underlying water/glycerol specificity and proton exclusion of aquaporins1575000
LF PhD ScholarshipsPhD Fellow Daniel MiddletonUniversity of CopenhagenIdentification of residues in the GPCR-G protein interface encoding G protein subtype selectivity1572859
LF PhD ScholarshipsPhD Fellow Maria RafaevaUniversity of CopenhagenDetermining how tumour site influences metastatic spread1563175
LF PhD ScholarshipsPhD Fellow Mette Klitgaard JensenUniversity of CopenhagenIs intestinal mucus an important factor in solubilization and absorption of poorly soluble drugs? 1574921
LF PhD ScholarshipsResearch assistant Andrea Grostøl DietzUniversity of CopenhagenCharacterizing the role of astrocytes in cognition and in cognitive dysfunctions of schizophrenia1575000
LF PhD ScholarshipsResearch assistant Jenna HuntUniversity of CopenhagenDietary fiber as a nutraceutical to protect against intestinal diseases1575000
LF PhD ScholarshipsResearch assistant Marta PereraUniversity of CopenhagenHow different cells understand the same language - context dependence of MAPK/Erk signalling1574572
LF PhD ScholarshipsFrederik SørensenUniversity of OxfordLimiting behaviour of combinatorial Markov chains1037000
LF PhD ScholarshipsResearch assistant Jeanne Mari Vejen BangUniversity of Southern DenmarkThe splicing regulatory protein, RBM10 - Its role in a new syndrome, in TARP syndrome and in cancer1552900
LF PhD ScholarshipsStudent Anne Mette FrøbertAalborg UniversityThe bear: A translational model to identify treatment strategies for inactivity complications1575000
LF PhD ScholarshipsPhD Fellow Mathias Kaas OllendorffAarhus UniversityThe role of SorCS / RPTP interactions in synapse formation1575000
LF PhD ScholarshipsSigne MosegaardAarhus UniversityFatty acid oxidation modulates inflammatory responses1183742
LF PhD ScholarshipsStudent Alana PinheiroAarhus UniversityInjury-response of satellite glial cells and potential as targets in neuropathic pain treatment1575000
LF PhD ScholarshipsPhD Fellow Katrine Schou SandgaardAarhus University HospitalT cell receptor repertoire and thymic output after immune reconstitution in children with HIV400000
LF PostdocPostdoc Louise T. ThomsenDanish Cancer SocietyHuman papillomavirus (HPV) testing for cervical cancer screening in Denmark2100000
LF PostdocDoctor Martin Bødtker MortensenHerlev HospitalLipoprotein(a) and cardiovascular diseases1400000
LF PostdocPostdoc Yi HeHvidovre Hospital Quantitative Link between Microstructures and Functional Features in De- and Re-myelination2100000
LF PostdocStaff specialist Dorte NordholmMental health services in the Capital Region of DenmarkMeasures of stress and the functional outcome of patients at ultra-high risk for psychosis.2100000
LF PostdocResearcher Sandra Feodor NilssonMental health services in the Capital Region of DenmarkPsychiatric predictors of homelessness– paving the way for prevention2040000
LF PostdocAssistant professor Mette Ishøy RosenbaumUniversity of CopenhagenDevelopment of modulators of GABAB receptors: a novel strategy to target neuropsychiatric disorders1400000
LF PostdocFeng WanUniversity of CopenhagenTowards optimal treatment of recalcitrant respiratory infections1397127
LF PostdocMelanie WeisserUniversity of CopenhagenElucidating the molecular basis of ATR-ATRIP function within the cellular DNA damage response1953839
LF PostdocPhD Fellow Sara Kerstine NielsenUniversity of CopenhagenTowards personalized medicine for Obsessive-compulsive disorder1966490
LF PostdocPhD Fellow Stine MøllerudUniversity of CopenhagenNew potentials in positive allosteric modulation of kainate receptors2099564
LF PostdocPostdoc Andrew James SamsonUniversity of CopenhagenIonic facilitation of memory engrams in astroglial-neuron circuits2100000
LF PostdocPostdoc Angela Pinot de MoiraUniversity of CopenhagenInfluence of pre-natal and early-life animal exposures on the gut microbiota and the risk of asthma1750000
LF PostdocPostdoc Kumar SomyajitUniversity of CopenhagenMetabolic signaling in DNA repair 1400000
LF PostdocPostdoc Mark Klitgaard NøhrUniversity of CopenhagenBile acid receptor TGR5 is expressed by pathogenic lymphocytes and function as an activity-switch2098994
LF PostdocPostdoc Molly LowndesUniversity of CopenhagenInvestigating how Co-Regulation of Oct4 and Cell Cycle Factors Supports Embryonic Stem Cell Fitness1372680
LF PostdocPostdoc Nina Molin Høyland-KroghsboUniversity of CopenhagenTargeting bacterial defenses for effective therapies2100000
LF PostdocPostdoc Rune KuhreUniversity of CopenhagenThe Role of Somatostatin and Urocrotin-3 for Regulation of Glucagon Secretion 1400000
LF PostdocPostdoc Verena UntietUniversity of CopenhagenAstroglia and Chloride-Homeostasis in the Central Nervous System2100000
LF PostdocLars Schmüser-StegerAarhus UniversityObserving transient states of ATPase calcium pumps with ultrafast vibrational surface spectroscopy 2100000
LF PostdocDoctor Stinne Ravn GreisenAarhus UniversityThe Benefit of Exhaustion2100000
LF PostdocPhD Fellow Melek Cemre ManavAarhus UniversityUnderstanding the Bacterial Defense Mechanisms1400000
LF PostdocPostdoc Andrea MorenoAarhus UniversityMemory erasure by depotentiation: revealing the molecular basis of forgetting.2100000
LF PostdocPostdoc Arun Kumar SomavarapuAarhus UniversityModulating the interactions of cytotoxic a-synuclein oligomers as a therapy for Parkinson’s disease 2100000
LF PostdocPostdoc Palle Duun RohdeAarhus UniversityUntangling the genetic basis of drug response 1850000
LF PostdocPostdoc Sheiliza CarmaliAarhus UniversityArtificial Receptors: Engineering a Communication Line for Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cells 2100000
LF PostdocPostdoc Anne TroldborgAarhus University HospitalThe Lectin Pathway of complement activation in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus1244583
NIH BRAIN InitiativeAssociate professor Hanne Borger RasmussenUniversity of CopenhagenAn optogenetic toolbox to monitor and control nerve impulse generation2600000
NIH BRAIN InitiativeAssociate professor Konstantin KhodosevichUniversity of CopenhagenHuman inhibitory neurons: differentiation into subtypes and subtype-specific impairment2500000
NIH BRAIN InitiativeAssociate professor Rune BergUniversity of CopenhagenNext generation neuroscience: smallest electrodes made of diamonds to confront the grand challenge 2901391
NIH BRAIN InitiativeProfessor Martin LauritzenUniversity of CopenhagenNeurovascular signaling and cerebral blood flow control 5124000
NIH BRAIN InitiativeAssociate professor Keisuke YoneharaAarhus UniversityBrain circuit mapping using light-inducible recombinase systems2991000
NIH BRAIN InitiativeAssociate professor Sadegh NabaviAarhus UniversityIndependent optical excitation of overlapping neural populations in behaving animals2000000
NIH BRAIN InitiativeProfessor Marco CapognaAarhus UniversityRole of non-classical GABAergic neurons on behavior3000000
Other grants Søren TherkelsenDanish Broadcasting CorporationFejring af HKH Kronprins Frederiks 50 års fødselsdag300000
Other grants CEO Helene DjursøVelkommen HjemTilskud til foreningen Velkommen Hjem500000
Pre-Graduate ScholarshipsProfessor Martin Bach JensenCenter for General Practice at Aalborg UniversityScholarstipendier inden for almen medicin700000
Pre-Graduate ScholarshipsHead of Department Jesper ErdalDanish Neurological SocietyLundbeckfondens scholarstipendier: neurologi1400000
Pre-Graduate ScholarshipsProfessor Merete NordentoftMental health services in the Capital Region of DenmarkAnsøgning om psykiatriske scholarstipendier2100000
Pre-Graduate ScholarshipsHead of Department Benedikte WanscherThe Danish Society of Clinical NeurophysiologySkolarstipendier til DSKN420000
Pre-Graduate ScholarshipsProfessor Hans Bräuner-OsborneUniversity of CopenhagenLundbeck Foundation Scholar Stipends in Pharmaceutical Neuroscience210000
Pre-Graduate ScholarshipsProfessor Maiken NedergaardUniversity of CopenhagenScholarstipendier i neuroscience700000
Pre-Graduate ScholarshipsClinical professor Jens Christian Hedemann SørensenAarhus University HospitalLundbeckfondens Neurokirurgiske Scholarstipendier420000
Running costsSenior researcher Jiri BartekDanish Cancer SocietyTumors of the nervous system: Insights into pathogenesis and emerging treatment strategies500000
Running costsProfessor Hans BisgaardDSI Dansk BørneAstma CenterLong term effects of n-3 PUFA supplementation during pregnancy - 8-year follow-up 498940
Running costsConsultant Doctor Christina R KruuseHerlev HospitalPatient-tailored Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to improve stroke rehabilitation500000
Running costsClinical professor Moustapha KassemOdense University HospitalStudying novel stromal (skeletal) stem cell secreted factors 500000
Running costsClinical professor Tiit MathiesenRigshospitaletMinimized Meningioma Morbidity500000
Running costsDoctor Joao DuarteRigshospitaletRegression of choroidal neovascularization and retinal inflammation using bioengineered nanobodies500000
Running costsProfessor John VissingRigshospitaletKetones as treatment option in McArdle disease499166
Running costsPostdoc Martin Steen MortensenUniversity of CopenhagenModeling Asthma Development - Running cost500000
Running costsPostdoc Rune KuhreUniversity of CopenhagenThe role of Somatostatin and Urocortin-3 for regulation of glucagon secretion 473200
Running costsProfessor Birthe Brandt KragelundUniversity of CopenhagenHigh resolution cryo-EM structure of the human Na+/H+ exchanger NHE1223448
Running costsProfessor Christian Adam OlsenUniversity of CopenhagenSelective Targeting of Histone Deacetylase 11 to (Re-)Investigate its Role in Inflammation400000
Running costsProfessor Erik A. RichterUniversity of CopenhagenMuscle molecular signaling related to health500000
Running costsProfessor Janine ErlerUniversity of CopenhagenUnderstanding how the organ scaffold regulates site-specific metastasis500000
Running costsProfessor Jørgen F.P. WojtaszewskiUniversity of CopenhagenMuscling in on AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK)228834
Running costsProfessor Kristian StrømgaardUniversity of CopenhagenTargeting amyloid diseases with super binding peptides through a multifaceted approach500000
Running costsProfessor Marcus Thomas Pius GilbertUniversity of CopenhagenDeciphering the differential host response to highly pathogenic avian influenza500000
Running costsProfessor Ulrik GetherUniversity of CopenhagenNanoscale architecture of presynaptic dopamine terminals480000
Running costsProfessor Ylva HellstenUniversity of CopenhagenRole of mitochondria in the development of endothelial dysfunction476886
Running costsDean Ole SkøttUniversity of Southern DenmarkEstablishment of OUH/SDU Brain Bank785884
Running costsPostdoc Niels Chr. HansenWestern Sydney UniversityThe role of oxytocin in the evolutionary origins of joint music making151800
Running costsAssociate professor Christian DamgaardAarhus UniversityA novel CRISPR/Cas9-mediated strategy to study circRNA function in neurogenesis495218
Running costsProfessor Marco CapognaAarhus UniversityInhibit Human500000
Running costsClinical associate professor Erisela Qerama MontvilasAarhus University HospitalHigh resolution ultrasound of scapula alata48000
Science Education & CommunicationScience journalist Jes Brix LauridsenCSProduction.dk I/SLife Explorers169600
Science Education & CommunicationDagbladet InformationDagbladet InformationPh.D. Cup 20193500000
Science Education & CommunicationDagbladet InformationDagbladet InformationModerne ideer750000
Science Education & CommunicationDanish Documentary ProductionDanish Documentary ProductionArtificial Life500000
Science Education & CommunicationExperimentariumExperimentariumBody Worlds2000000
Science Education & CommunicationProgram Director Rasmus QuistgaardHeartland FestivalFuture Talks1500000
Science Education & CommunicationHouse of Natural SciencesHouse of Natural SciencesNaturfagsmaraton 20191500000
Science Education & CommunicationProfessor Jens Henrik Sahl HenriksenHvidovre Hospital Fire Fysiologer96500
Science Education & CommunicationScience journalist Lars OstenfeldLars Ostenfeld FilmEkspedition til Indlandsisens indre1000000
Science Education & CommunicationNational Center for Learning in Science, Technology and Health (Astra)National Center for Learning in Science, Technology and Health (Astra)Støtte til ASTRA-aktiviteter 20183000000
Science Education & CommunicationNational Center for Learning in Science, Technology and Health (Astra)National Center for Learning in Science, Technology and Health (Astra)Støtte til ASTRA-aktiviteter 20194000000
Science Education & CommunicationPolitikenPolitikenUndervisningsprisen og Lærer til Lærer 3000000
Science Education & CommunicationProject Manager Louise Haslund-ChristensenStrandberg PublishingBogudgivelse - Få det bedste ud af livet med demens467761
Science Education & CommunicationThe Alzheimer's associationThe Alzheimer's associationEt naturvidenskabeligt program om demens1465008
Science Education & CommunicationAssociate professor Kirsten WøldikeThe Association of Danish BiologistsBiologiolympiade 201950000
Science Education & CommunicationThe Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV)The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV)ATV's Science & Engineering Projekt848250
Science Education & CommunicationPostdoc Britta Eyrich JessenUniversity of CopenhagenSIGMA - Status og Innovation af Gymnasial Matematikundervisning1329539
Science Education & CommunicationAssociate professor Jacob Friis ShersonAarhus UniversityReGAME Cup'181000000
Science Education & CommunicationCurator Morten Arnika SkydsgaardAarhus UniversityTil menneskehedens bedste: om Jens Christian Skou og forskerlivet220000
Science Education & CommunicationScience journalist Hanne StragerBogprojekt om den danske videnskabskvinde Inge Lehmann649000
Stipends for Sabbatical LeaveResearcher Vanna AlbieriPediatric Hospital Bambino GesúNetwork theory in action: how genetic variation and gene variants interactions affect Autism134684
Stipends for Sabbatical LeaveProfessor Martin BøgstedUniversity of CambridgeComputational Personalized Medicine80000
Stipends for Sabbatical LeaveAssociate professor Ulrich KirkUniversity of Southern DenmarkMindfulness and Fear Extinction: Possible Implications for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 483440
Stipends for Sabbatical LeaveProfessor Jette AmmentorpUniversity of Southern DenmarkFeedback Informed Personcentred Communication (FIPeC)91000
Stipends for Sabbatical LeaveAssociate professor Christian Brix Folsted AndersenUniversity of WashingtonCryoEM studier af forsvarsmekanismer mod reaktivt hæmoglobin422852
Stipends for Sabbatical LeaveProfessor Sune JespersenAarhus UniversityRevealing subtle pathological tissue changes with MRI virtual microscopy in vivo293280
Strategic projectsHead of Department Helle Sønderby WaagepetersenUniversity of CopenhagenAnsættelse af Céline Galvagnion, BRAINSTRUC1500000
Strategic projectsProfessor Eske WillerslevUniversity of CopenhagenLundbeck Foundation Centre for Disease Evolution60000000
Strategic projectsProfessor Maiken NedergaardUniversity of CopenhagenInititiatives for a stronger Danish neuroscience2200000
Strategic projectsProfessor Martin LauritzenUniversity of CopenhagenDrug delivery to the brain and blood-brain barrier transport mechanisms24000000
Strategic projectsVidensråd for ForebyggelseVidensråd for ForebyggelseVidensråd for Forebyggelse 2019-20222000000
Strategic projectsCEO Henrik AppelAarhus UniversityTUBA: Forskning i effekt1599523
Thematic projects & alliancesGroup leader Michael BenrosMental health services in the Capital Region of DenmarkPrecision Psychiatry Initiative (PRECISE)10000000
Thematic projects & alliancesProfessor Merete NordentoftMental health services in the Capital Region of DenmarkThe Danish High Risk and Resilience Study - VIA 1520000000
Thematic projects & alliancesClinical professor Rigmor Højland JensenRigshospitaletThe molecular pathways underlying pathological brain water regulation 10000000
Thematic projects & alliancesConsultant Doctor Ruth Frikke-SchmidtRigshospitaletPresonalised medicine in dementia10000000
Thematic projects & alliancesProfessor Andreas KjærRigshospitaletDevelopment of targeted radionuclide imaging and therapy (theranostics) for glioblastomas10000000
Thematic projects & alliancesProfessor Gitte Moos KnudsenRigshospitaletBrainDrugs - Neuropharmacological treatment: Precision medicine in epilepsy and depression40000000
Thematic projects & alliancesAssociate professor Christos MarkosTechnical University of DenmarkMulti-BRAIN: Multi-functional optical fibers for brain dynamics monitoring and imaging10000000
Thematic projects & alliancesAssociate professor Petrine WellendorphUniversity of Copenhagen GHB action on CaMK2a and its role in CNS disorders (GHB-ACTION)10000000
Thematic projects & alliancesProfessor Hans Bräuner-OsborneUniversity of CopenhagenAdvancing personalised medicine for psychiatric diseases through integrative GPCR pharmacogenomics10000000
Thematic projects & alliancesProfessor Jakob Balslev SørensenUniversity of CopenhagenNeurodevelopmental disorders and the synapse15000000
Thematic projects & alliancesProfessor Ole KiehnUniversity of CopenhagenBrainstem locomotor circuits: targeted repair of motor disabilities in Pakinson's Disease 10000000
Thematic projects & alliancesProfessor Shohreh Issazadeh-NavikasUniversity of CopenhagenRole of mitochondrial & lysosomal defects in paediatric MS15000000
Thematic projects & alliancesProfessor Ulrik GetherUniversity of CopenhagenDysfunctional dopamine uptake, storage & release: mechanisms of disease-associated genetic variants10000000
Thematic projects & alliancesDirector of centre Hans Stødkilde-JørgensenAarhus UniversityLIFE-GlioB: Metabolic flux profiling of glioblastoma by the new MR-hyperpolarization technology9320400
Thematic projects & alliancesAssociate professor Liselotte PetersenAarhus UniversityCauses and Course of Anorexia Nervosa: Integrating Genomic and Register Data8409786
Thematic projects & alliancesProfessor Daniel OtzenAarhus UniversityCompounds targeting cytotoxic oligomers for diagnostics and therapy in Parkinson’s Disease10000000
Thematic projects & alliancesProfessor Søren Riis PaludanAarhus UniversityCell death in the CNS: mechanisms and impact on disease pathogenesis10000000
Thematic projects & alliancesClinical Professor Per BorghammerAarhus University HospitalDoes Parkinson’s disease start in the gut? 10000000
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Grith HøjfeldtBispebjerg HospitalIndflydelse af kostens proteinindhold på udnyttelse af aminosyrene8617
Travel StipendsPostdoc Uffe Høgh OlesenBispebjerg HospitalAblative fractional laser enables topical delivery of vismodegib7000
Travel StipendsScientific Assistant Anne NielsenBispebjerg HospitalMechanisms in ALS19875
Travel StipendsPostdoc Søren Roi MidtgaardBoston UniversitySupplerende rejsestipendium til International Post doc i USA43500
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Nadiya StratonCopenhagen Business SchoolImpact of weight stigma on user engagement10000
Travel StipendsResearcher Hanin Salem MoustsenDanish Cancer SocietyPsychotropic medication in parents of children diagnosed with cancer2612
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Yulia PhD FellowDanish Cancer SocietyChasing the drivers of microtubule poleward flux and its role in suppression of aneuploidy 9233
Travel StipendsPostdoc Emmanuelle BignonDanish Cancer SocietyParticipation to the 14th International Conference on Structural Biology, Berlin13000
Travel StipendsPostdoc Tina Bech OlesenDanish Cancer Society32nd International Papillomavirus Conference, Sydney, Australien d. 2.-6. oktober 201822217
Travel StipendsPostdoc Marie Holm EliasenFrederiksberg HospitalKarakteristika af 8 somatiske symptomprofiler i den generelle befolkning (DanFunD studiet)9024
Travel StipendsResearcher Ingrid LundorffGentofte HospitalEchocardiographic predictors of mortality and morbidity in the general population10953
Travel StipendsResearch assistent Mads Emil JørgensenGentofte HospitalParticipation - Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions - 201813319
Travel StipendsStudent Mats LassenGentofte HospitalKongresdeltagelse med mundtlig præsentation ved EuroEcho Conference 2018, Milano, Italien5237
Travel StipendsDoctor Joakim Nils Erik ÖlmestigHerlev HospitalETLAS15000
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Anne Mette Hvid LarsenHerlev HospitalTumor-Collagen as a Potent Regulator of Tumor-Associated Macrophages6561
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Christina FrieseHerlev HospitalThe effect of anti-CTLA-4 blockade on the expansion of TIL for ACT in metastatic ovarian cancer6454.54
Travel StipendsAssistant professor Aida BikicHospital SønderjyllandYoung people in acute psychiatric crisis15800
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Lærke Gebser KrohneHvidovre Hospital Causal Fingerprints of Brain Connectivity14091.65
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Rikke Thoft NielsenHvidovre Hospital Bloodstream infections among migrants in Denmark7128
Travel StipendsPostdoc David MederHvidovre Hospital Reward signalling in non-ergodic environments15503
Travel StipendsSenior researcher Esben Thade PetersenHvidovre Hospital 1st Danish National 7 Tesla MR Project Symposium 16th of April 201824000
Travel StipendsSenior researcher Oliver HulmeHvidovre Hospital Reward signalling in non-ergodic environments5600
Travel StipendsResearch assistant Martin Schou PedersenHvidovre Hospital Complete open reading frame sequencing of HCV9175
Travel Stipends1. Resident Ane Storch JakobsenMental health services in the Capital Region of DenmarkCHANGE8000
Travel StipendsResearcher Sandra Feodor NilssonMental health services in the Capital Region of Denmark6th Biennial Schizophrenia International Research Society Conference (SIRS) 201811394
Travel StipendsDoctor Helene SpeyerMental health services in the Capital Region of DenmarkHow to live a happy life with negative results11229
Travel StipendsDoctor Klaus MunkholmMental health services in the Capital Region of DenmarkEn multisystem-biomarkør og glycogen synthase kinase-3’s rolle i kognition i bipolar lidelse21116.52
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Sharleny StanislausMental health services in the Capital Region of DenmarkSmartphone-baseret biomarkør hos patienter med bipolar lidelse20000
Travel StipendsPostdoc Nikolai AlbertMental health services in the Capital Region of Denmark11th International Conference on Early Intervention in Mental Health24161
Travel StipendsPostdoc Trine MadsenMental health services in the Capital Region of DenmarkDeltagelse i Zero Suicide Summit og European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour14500
Travel StipendsSenior researcher Annette ErlangsenMental health services in the Capital Region of DenmarkSuicide across the lifespan: prevention of suicide among older adults11400
Travel StipendsSenior researcher Annette ErlangsenMental health services in the Capital Region of DenmarkStressful life events in relation to suicidal behaviour8000
Travel StipendsPostdoc Justyna Magdalena KowalOdense University HospitalSingle-cell high content imaging predicts the functionality of cultured skeletal stem cells7061
Travel StipendsStudent Alexander Koch-PedersenOdense University HospitalPsykiatrisk Forskningsakademi Odense - konferencedeltagelse49248.61
Travel StipendsResearch assistant Carina Lundby OlesenOdense University HospitalFremme af hensigtsmæssig brug af medicin blandt ældre patienter nær livets afslutning12599
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Anne-Sofie Østergaard GadsbøllQueen Mary University of LondonStudieophold ved Queen Mary University of London10000
Travel StipendsStaff specialist Claus MoserRigshospitaletBiofilm infections13000
Travel StipendsCEO Helen Bernt AndersenRigshospitaletPulje til sundhedsfaglig forskning - UCSF/Rigshospitalet2000000
Travel StipendsJunior group leader Mikael PalnerRigshospitaletParticipation in the World Molecular Imaging Conference 201823398
Travel StipendsResearch assistent Alexander Lilja-CyronRigshospitaletIntrakranielt tryk efter dekomprimerende kraniektomi28000
Travel StipendsResearch assistent Frederik Taylor PitterRigshospitaletEpidemiology, organization and perioperative strategy in adult spine surgery15000
Travel StipendsResearch assistent Signe Buhl GramRigshospitaletRisk of malignancy in thyroid nodule in 1504 patients with benign or without fine-needle aspiration8180
Travel StipendsDoctor Liv DyreRigshospitaletPoster præsentation, aktiv konferencedeltagelse5000
Travel StipendsDoctor Martin Korsbak MadsenRigshospitaletNeurobiological effects of serotonin 2A receptor modulation24136.79
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Casper Emil ChristensenRigshospitaletMigraine induction with calcitonin gene-related peptide in patients from erenumab trials11000
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Giske OpheimRigshospitaletSevere epilepsy - a new era in the presurgical evaluation by ultrahigh field MR at 7 Tesla19234
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Ida Kær ThorsenRigshospitaletEffekten af frekvens af brud i stillesiddende aktiviteter på glukose metabolisme efter et måltid10590
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Marie BayRigshospitaletExercise and immune cells in a clinical perspective9446
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Martin NørgaardRigshospitaletThe Impact of Preprocessing Pipeline Choice in Univariate and Multivariate Analyses of PET Data8003
Travel StipendsPostdoc Ankita AgrawalRigshospitaletP2X7 in multiple myeloma19982
Travel StipendsPostdoc Christoph SiebenmannRigshospitaletMechanisms underlying the increased sympathetic activity in chronic hypoxia11108.03
Travel StipendsPostdoc Hanne Demant HansenRigshospitaletAktivering og serotonin-frigivelse i hjernen under visuel stimulering9695
Travel StipendsPostdoc Line BisgaardRigshospitaletKidney derived apoM and its role in acute kidney injury18150
Travel StipendsResident Casper DragstedRigshospitaletMagnetisk kontrolleret vækst-venlig instrumentering hos børn med skoliose.20000
Travel StipendsResident Sarah Skovlunde Hornshøj PedersenRigshospitaletThe relationship between intracranial pressure and age – Chasing age related reference values10302.5
Travel StipendsSenior researcher Anne NorupRigshospitaletNational Study on Young Brain Injury Survivors11002
Travel StipendsSenior researcher Helle SøndergaardRigshospitaletImmunological changes during pregnancy in multiple sclerosis 9170
Travel StipendsSenior researcher Marina Rode von EssenRigshospitaletCharacterizing human CD20+ T cells and their role in multiple sclerosis7753
Travel StipendsStudent Ida Marie BrandtRigshospitaletFunctional MR neuroimaging in reward processing in patients with major depression10472
Travel StipendsResearch assistant Mette LorenzenRigshospitaletLuteiniserende hormon receptors rolle i testikelkræft10700
Travel StipendsPostdoc Natalia MolchanovaRoskilde University Antimicrobial activity of synthetic analogues of IDR 101820602.74
Travel StipendsDoctor Thomas SydenhamStatens Serum InstitutImpact of DNA extraction method on diagnostic microbiome results from bronchoalveolar lavage samples6989.98
Travel StipendsPostdoc Min KimSteno Diabetes Center CopenhagenEuropean Medical Information Framework for Alzheimer’s Disease Multimodal Biomarker Discovery10000
Travel StipendsAssistant professor Line Hagner NielsenTechnical University of DenmarkAktiv konference deltagelse med poster præsentation16333
Travel StipendsGroup leader Thomas SamsTechnical University of DenmarkKonferencedeltagelse ved 8th ASM Conference on Biofilms12500
Travel StipendsAssociate professor Andreas LaustsenTechnical University of DenmarkCurrent progress towards the next generation of antivenoms10820
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Anna Cäcilia MascheTechnical University of DenmarkImmune markers and gut microbiota influencing immune reconstitution and outcomes after HSCT24657
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Dennis PedersbækTechnical University of DenmarkReconstituted high-density lipoproteins for immuno- and chemotherapeutic drug delivery18000
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Jennifer JørgensenTechnical University of DenmarkImmune Checkpoint Inhibitors Augment the Anti-tumor Effect of Liposomal Chemotherapy7385
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Leonie JahnTechnical University of DenmarkLimiting evolution towards antibiotic resistance with component drugs15000
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Matteo CesariTechnical University of DenmarkDesign of Knowledge-Driven and Data-Driven Algorithms for Neurodegenerative Diseases10000
Travel StipendsPostdoc Anna Hammerich ThysenTechnical University of DenmarkAppearance of dendritic cell subsets is differently timed in the postnatal lung6777.89
Travel StipendsPostdoc Anne-Mette BjerregaardTechnical University of DenmarkNeoepitope load of cancer patients treated with immunotherapy15117
Travel StipendsPostdoc Katherina Garcia VanegasTechnical University of DenmarkSWITCH 1900
Travel StipendsPostdoc Leon Eyrich JessenTechnical University of DenmarkTowards accurate prediction of T cell targets; Learning the rules of T cell receptor interactions8500
Travel StipendsPostdoc Markus WaserTechnical University of DenmarkQuantitative EEG in Alzheimer's diagnostics22337
Travel StipendsPostdoc Paul KempenTechnical University of DenmarkNovel SEM-STEM technique for locating AuNPs in the brain13386
Travel StipendsPostdoc Priyanka SinghTechnical University of DenmarkGreen Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles: The Metabolic Engineering Approach 25000
Travel StipendsPostdoc Vaishnavi RavikumarTechnical University of DenmarkQuantitative proteomics and PTM analysis of Vibrio cholerae during infection6800
Travel StipendsStudent Joakim EdinTechnical University of DenmarkA New Fully Automated Random-forest Algorithm for Sleep Staging6836
Travel StipendsAssociate professor Jónrit HallingThe University of the Faroe IslandsAutism Spectrum Disorder and vitamin D levels at birth: A case control study9659.71
Travel StipendsAssistant professor Katja Kemp JacobsenUniversity College CopenhagenOrder of draw practices in venous blood sampling10570
Travel StipendsAssociate professor Kathrine Skak MadsenUniversity College CopenhagenDevelopmental changes in response inhibition linked to white matter maturation20975
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Trine Line OkholmUniversity of California San DiegoEvaluate the potential of circRNAs to interact with RNA binding proteins20000
Travel StipendsAssistant professor Annette Buur SteffensenUniversity of CopenhagenThe molecular mechanisms behind cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) formation10392.45
Travel StipendsAssistant professor Dennis ÖzcelikUniversity of CopenhagenElucidating post-translational protein modification induced by dopamine oxidation11389
Travel StipendsAssistant professor Jessica PingelUniversity of CopenhagenCalcium handling and mitochondrial dysfunction in skeletal muscle of patients with CNS lesions 20000
Travel StipendsAssistant professor Thomas JeppsUniversity of CopenhagenParticipation in the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting14000
Travel StipendsAssistant professor Timothy LynaghUniversity of CopenhagenEvolution of acid-sensing ion channels14190
Travel StipendsAssociate professor Rune BergUniversity of CopenhagenDecoupling of timescales reveals convergent and sparse premotor spinal network12672
Travel StipendsAssociate professor Tine Alkjær EriksenUniversity of CopenhagenMapping the load intensity of jumping exercises in post-menopausal females10000
Travel StipendsAssociate professor Yawei LiuUniversity of Copenhagen22nd Edition of International Conference on Immunology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases9500
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Anna M. O. KildemoesUniversity of CopenhagenImpact of gut microbial composition and Schistosoma mansoni infection on host immune response10000
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Ciaran FitzpatrickUniversity of CopenhagenCharacterisation of 8-OH-DPAT-disrupted spontaneous alternation behaviour as a model of compulsivity5263
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Filip De Souza PolliUniversity of CopenhagenPrenatal nicotine exposure (PNE) induces changes in NMDA receptors within the LDT of juvenile mice22357
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Gang LiuUniversity of CopenhagenAntibiotic induced transmission of antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli23000
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Helene Scott-FordsmandUniversity of CopenhagenBetween living subject and object of investigation4198
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Laura LineUniversity of CopenhagenOxygen release by Pseudomonas aeruginosa9516
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Lena WullkopfUniversity of CopenhagenLaminin gamma 2 promotes breast cancer angiogenesis and lung colonization13000
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Michael BækUniversity of CopenhagenAffinity-Based Probes to Investigate Post-Translational Modifications10000
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Michael LeverUniversity of CopenhagenThe functional relationship of PICK1 and protein kinase A (PKA)20000
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Piotr DworzynskiUniversity of CopenhagenPopulation-wide comorbidity prediction in chronic disease20000
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Torben Sølbeck RasmussenUniversity of CopenhagenPhageGut12000
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Xiaogang GuoUniversity of CopenhagenRole of Pbx proteins in lineage choice and mesoderm specification5856
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Yong LiuUniversity of CopenhagenAnatomical and molecular characterization of the developing entorhinal cortex in the pig20190
Travel StipendsPostdoc Brenna OsborneUniversity of CopenhagenRole of calcium in neurodegenerative diseases16735.29
Travel StipendsPostdoc Carmelo BellarditaUniversity of CopenhagenDystonia and muscle spasms after spinal cord injury 10450
Travel StipendsPostdoc Chirag NepalUniversity of CopenhagenHOTAIR ancient sequence suggests regulatory roles both in cis and trans10000
Travel StipendsPostdoc Henrik Munch RoagerUniversity of CopenhagenGluten-poor dieting changes the intestinal microbiome in healthy adults10518
Travel StipendsPostdoc Howard CarterUniversity of CopenhagenTravel Grant for Invited Speaker at Conference Symposium10298
Travel StipendsPostdoc Jakob Dahl NissenUniversity of CopenhagenIs glutamate metabolism via glutamate dehydrogenase important for brain mitochondrial metabolism?10089
Travel StipendsPostdoc Leonor RibUniversity of CopenhagenThe diverse landscape of PROMoter uPstream Transcripts (PROMPTs) 21332
Travel StipendsPostdoc Maria Del Pilar Quintana VaronUniversity of CopenhagenPfEMP1 proteins that can bind non-immune IgM are common among Plasmodium falciparum parasites 17000
Travel StipendsPostdoc Md Jamal UddinUniversity of CopenhagenThe use of genetic risk scores in pharmacogenetics studies8800
Travel StipendsPostdoc Michela GambinoUniversity of CopenhagenTwo predators competing for their prey: phage-bacteria coevolution in Salmonella10000
Travel StipendsPostdoc Rie Bager HansenUniversity of CopenhagenUndersøgelse af smerter og patofysiologi hos patienter med knoglemetastaser11630.8
Travel StipendsPostdoc Sara SolbakUniversity of CopenhagenIdentification of fragments for developing inhibitors against stroke, presentation at FBLD 201820470
Travel StipendsPostdoc Sebastian Rune NielsenUniversity of CopenhagenMacrophages Adapt to the Metastatic Niche in Pancreatic Cancer by Sensing the Stiffness8705
Travel StipendsPostdoc Steffen NørgaardUniversity of CopenhagenAn In Vivo screen to identify epigenetic factors required for neuronal cell migration7900
Travel StipendsPostdoc Søren GrubbUniversity of CopenhagenPrecapillary sphincters exist in the brain12000
Travel StipendsStudent Andreas CreutzburgUniversity of CopenhagenDissektionskursus 201850000
Travel StipendsStudent Lasse MeyerUniversity of CopenhagenPharMARSy - 2018 iGEM team of University of Copenhagen49145
Travel StipendsStudent Mathias Falck SchmidtUniversity of CopenhagenFunctional-structural assessment of the optic pathways in patients with optic neuritis1864
Travel StipendsResearch assistant Simon Bruntse AndersenUniversity of CopenhagenForedragsholder ved 9th World Gene Convention-2018 i Singapore 15000
Travel StipendsAssistant professor Chenguang LouUniversity of Southern DenmarkDe novo protein design: Templating artificial coiled coil structures by an oligonucleotide triplex21600
Travel StipendsAssistant professor Randi BilbergUniversity of Southern DenmarkElderly-studiet28769.62
Travel StipendsAssociate professor Himanshu KhandeliaUniversity of Southern DenmarkMeasurements and neurological implications of how electrical potentials bend membranes23400
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Maria Louise ElkjærUniversity of Southern DenmarkMolecular signature of brain lesion evolution and fate in progressive MS11475
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Marlene Thorsen MørchUniversity of Southern DenmarkSTING mediates a protective effect on T cell mediated demyelinating pathology15808
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Minna Christiansen LundUniversity of Southern DenmarkSecondary injury mechanisms after moderate spinal cord injury31550
Travel StipendsPostdoc Asif manzoor KhanUniversity of Southern DenmarkSilver nanoparticle induced neuro toxicity in vitro blood brain barrier model21800
Travel StipendsPostdoc Maiken WolderslundUniversity of Southern DenmarkLydoptagelse af patientsamtaler via brug af appen MitForløb9365
Travel StipendsPostdoc Ziggi Ivan SantiniUniversity of Southern DenmarkKonferencedeltagelse; præsentation (videnskabeligt indlæg), Budapest, Juni 201814590
Travel StipendsPsychologist Lone KnudsenViborg Regional HospitalIncidence of CRPS and neuropathic pain post fracture-related surgery5000
Travel StipendsAssistant professor Hjalte AndersenAalborg UniversityCutaneous pain mechanisms10000
Travel StipendsAssistant professor Simon Lebech CichoszAalborg UniversityThe Healthcare Blockchain: a New Paradigm 7000
Travel StipendsAssociate professor Natalie Mrachacz-KerstingAalborg UniversityA novel conditioning intervention to combat spasticity in stroke patients13575
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Michael Sloth TrabjergAalborg UniversityAmyotrophic lateral sclerosis: The role of lipid metabolism and mitochondrial dysfunction 5569
Travel StipendsPostdoc Silvia Lo VecchioAalborg UniversityIntra-dermal NGF Increases the Pain Associated with Pruritogen Provocations23731
Travel StipendsStudent Cilla GuldborgAalborg UniversityReliability of neuropsychological testning by videoconferencing5419
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Enrico De MartinoAalborg University HospitalCan we boost diffuse noxious inhibitory control with a TMS protocol?12500
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Louise Kuhlmann FrandsenAalborg University HospitalSensory testing can objectify pain in chronic pancreatitis3316
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Muhammad Samran NavidAalborg University HospitalEffect of filter’s cutoff frequencies and ICA on the amplitudes of somatosensory evoked potentials.11367
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Trine Okkerstrøm RyttersgaardAalborg University HospitalDepression hos unge (15-30 år) med traumatisk hjerneskade12006
Travel StipendsAssistant professor Ahmad KhanAarhus UniversityCellular underpinnings of diffusion weighted magnetic resonance image contrast in brain gray matter16891.76
Travel StipendsAssistant professor Lei ChengAarhus UniversityBeta-Adrenergic Receptor Signaling in Distal Convoluted Tubules10358
Travel StipendsAssistant professor Nina Kerting IversenAarhus UniversityIschemic stroke and the microcircualtion28443
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Alice KnudsenAarhus UniversitySTING agonister muliggør antivirale signaler mellem celler og beskytter imod kønsherpes i mus3576
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Christian Østergaard MariagerAarhus UniversityDeltagelse ved EUROMAR 2018 konferencen9513
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Marianne TiihonenAarhus UniversityInteraction of Visually and Auditorily Derived Affect - An MEG Study6989
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Nathalie KrauthAarhus UniversityIdentifying Aversive Signalling Pathways in Memory Formation7602
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Saida SaidAarhus UniversityProbing Conformational changes of the GABA transporter by a fluorescent unnatural amino acid 21000
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Sara Raquel Almeida FerreiraAarhus UniversityThe CD163 receptor in the alpha-synuclein induced neurodegeneration in Parkinson's disease17394
Travel StipendsPostdoc Andrea TothAarhus UniversityThe endo-lysosomal system of brain endothelial cells in vitro15090.2
Travel StipendsPostdoc Kristine Engemann JensenAarhus UniversityGrønne omgivelser under opvæksten og risiko for skizofreni23470
Travel StipendsPostdoc Mélissa AlléAarhus UniversityAttending an international congress on hallucination research12250
Travel StipendsPostdoc Mikkel Roland HolstAarhus UniversityPhosphorylation dependent aquaporin-2 plasma membrane retention/exclusion mechanisms25578
Travel StipendsPostdoc Simon Lind KappelAarhus UniversityDeltagelse i EMBC 201825573
Travel StipendsSenior researcher Christiane GasseAarhus UniversityDrug repurposing: Calcium channel blockers in psychiatric disorders?12058.85
Travel StipendsStudent Anne Sophie MichelsenAarhus UniversityLower limb muscle strength in older adults with and without multiple sclerosis7100
Travel StipendsStudent Oskar JefsenAarhus UniversityDe molekylære effekter af psilocybin10914
Travel StipendsResearcher Astrid Jacobsen HarpøthAarhus University HospitalDeltagelse i international kongres for Psykiatrisk Forskerakademi21837.12
Travel StipendsResearcher Liva Bundgaard LarsenAarhus University HospitalHealth related quality of life in preschool chldren with ADHD11490
Travel StipendsDoctor Clara Reece MediciAarhus University HospitalRethinking treatment and management of mania12169.27
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Martin KinnerupAarhus University HospitalTab af noradrenalin og nedsat kognitiv funktion hos patienter med Parkinsons sygdom48343
Travel StipendsPhD Fellow Nina BuchAarhus University HospitalPhantom pain: Peripheral mechanisms10000
Travel StipendsPostdoc Eva GreibeAarhus University HospitalKomælk forbedrer vitamin B12 status hos raske ældre25093.43
Travel StipendsPostdoc Giulia TreccaniAarhus University HospitalKetamine promotes early change in dendritic mophology in a genetic rat model for depression5000
Travel StipendsStudent Christina Shen-Zhuang NielsenAarhus University HospitalMUNE Methods for quantification of motor unit loss in GBS16432
Travel StipendsStudent Henrik VadAarhus University HospitalImmunoglobuin epitopes predicted by peptide libriary screening do not block basophil activation6390
Visiting professorshipsDirector of centre Hartwig SiebnerHvidovre Hospital How the brain constructs models of the world to enable planning and decision making. 362636
Visiting professorshipsProfessor Gitte Moos KnudsenRigshospitaletDeveloping methods to quantify PET/fMRI displacement studies750000
Visiting professorshipsProfessor Jan Henrik Ardenkjær-LarsenTechnical University of DenmarkMechanosensation and shape regulation in living cells458000
Visiting professorshipsProfessor Jingdong ZhangTechnical University of DenmarkVisiting Professorship for Professor Ping Yu from University of Missouri, USA 251981
Visiting professorshipsProfessor William AgaceTechnical University of DenmarkDendritic cell-stromal cell interactions in the intestine450000
Visiting professorshipsClinical professor Christian KrarupUniversity of CopenhagenModulation of axonal degeneration and regeneration by GLP1 signaling in neuropathy297939
Visiting professorshipsDoctor Hatice TankisiAarhus University HospitalExcitability Studies in Peripheral Nerves, Muscle Fibers and Central Cortical Networks640000