Current Themes

In May 2016, Lundbeckfonden held a workshop to identify the most pertinent research areas in the field of biomedicine. At the workshop, leading Danish researchers and research administrators discussed emerging trends and areas in which increased Danish research efforts could be expected to have notable impact. Input from the workshop was taken into account when the foundation’s board of trustees defined the following two themes for Lundbeckfonden’s strategic grants in the coming years:

⦁ Increased understanding of disease mechanisms and improved prevention of disease
⦁ Development of new and more precise diagnostics and treatments

The Call for proposals

In respect of the theme “Increased understanding of disease mechanisms and improved prevention of disease”
Lundbeckfonden calls for proposals adressing “Inflammation and the development of central and peripheral nervous system disease.”

The aim of these grants is to encourage cross-disciplinary projects on which independent, well-established research teams work together to tackle scientific problems that require a collaborative effort to be solved effectively.

Lundbeckfonden requests proposals in two categories:
– Large thematic projects, amounting to DKK 10-15 million or
– Thematic research alliances, amounting to DKK 20-30 million. These must involve at least two collaborating partners at different research institutions.

Project duration is between three and five years. The budget may include all staff and non-staff costs related to the project. International collaboration is encouraged, and a portion of the funding may be allocated to international collaborators.

The deadline for proposals are 1 March 2017. Please study the call for additional information.



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