For Applicants

What we fund

We wish our grants to make a significant contribution towards increasing the quality and the usability of the cumulative, research-based knowledge and experience gained in the field of biomedical sciences in Denmark, particularly in the field of brain research. At the same time, our grants must help ensure that Denmark always has the best graduates and scientists at all career levels.

The Lundbeck Foundation awards around DKK 500 million each year to Danish public research, primarily in biomedical sciences. Projects may involve basic, clinical applied or epidemiological research – and should mainly focus on the brain.

The term ‘biomedical sciences’ is used here in its broadest sense. Many adjacent fields of research which, traditionally, belong to other classical faculties (particularly natural science and technical science) are increasingly steering the field of biomedicine towards new breakthroughs in knowledge and treatment. Consequently, we treat research in technical and natural sciences with subject matter that addresses biomedical issues as biomedical sciences research.

In addition, we have a general aim to stimulate the interest of children, young people and the population in general in sciences and research by funding projects on science education and research communication.

For further information on application opportunities and deadlines, see what you can apply for. For further information on how we handle personal data, please see GDPR.

Applications and project proposals that are not submitted as a response to general advertisements and do not meet the deadlines in the foundation’s application system will be processed only on the consent of the foundation.

What we do not fund

Lundbeckfonden does not fund drug trials conducted, either wholly or partially, in collaboration with commercial enterprises. Consequently, the foundation only funds investigator-initiated trials conducted independently of industry, whose aim may be, for example, to investigate effects, side effects, prognostic factors or biomarkers.

Furthermore, we do no usually grant funds:

  • To cover expenses already defrayed on the date of application
  • For expenses to cover non project-related administration
  • For students and/or tuition fees
  • For passive participation in congresses
  • For travel for several persons from the same research unit or department
  • For other foundations and associations
  • For research projects in commercial companies



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