Denmark’s most transparent foundation for the third year running

The Lundbeck Foundation is yet again to be found at the very top of the foundation transparency barometer.

A principal shareholder in large companies and distributor of considerable funding has a great responsibility to tell the world openly and honestly what it does, and how it does it.

This is the philosophy behind the Lundbeck Foundation’s transparency activities and it recently gained the Foundation first place on the foundation transparency barometer – for the third successive year.

“Foundations in Denmark play a major role in the business sector and they have a huge impact on, for example, research and cultural life. So, we feel it’s both right and proper that we openly disclose our activities,” says Lene Skole, the Lundbeck Foundation’s CEO.

Management consultancy Kraft & Partners produces the transparency barometer once a year, evaluating the largest Danish foundations based on 35 transparency parameters. And we are at the very top – we are the only foundation that meets all 35 parameters.

“When you dedicate so much effort over such a long period, as we do with our transparency activities, it’s hugely satisfying to receive recognition. Transparency is one of the Lundbeck Foundation’s key concepts and, for us, it doesn’t merely mean presenting our finances and awards. We also make an active effort to explain our objectives, the strategy we apply and our greatest risks,” she says.

The Lundbeck Foundation grants half a billion Danish kroner every year to research in biomedical sciences.


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