Cookies at www.lundbeckfonden.com

The Lundbeck Foundation makes use of cookies to gain a better understanding of how visitors to our website use the content we provide. We use this information to identify where our visitors come from, what content is viewed and for how long. These cookies help us understand how to improve in order to keep our website as relevant and accessible as possible. We cannot use the information to identify individual visitors. However, we use a cookie with a unique ID number to help us recognise returning visitors. We use the Google Analytics traffic analysis tool.

So, what is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your device to make it recognisable. It does not contain any personal information and it cannot collect information or spread computer viruses.

Some cookies are placed on your device by third parties. For example, if a YouTube video is embedded in one of our pages, a YouTube cookie will be placed on your device.

There are two types of cookie: ‘session-only’ and ‘persistent’. Session-only cookies are deleted when you end your browser session.

Persistent cookies remain on your device for the length of time specified in the cookie. After this time they delete themselves. However, these cookies may be renewed every time you visit the website.

How to block a cookie

Your internet browser allows you to block cookies before they are stored on your online device. If cookies are disabled on your device, you will have the same access to our website as if cookies were enabled.

How to delete cookies

You can always delete the cookies that are stored on your device: