Apply for a Professorship!

We are offering a new type of research grant. From 2019, researchers can apply for a Lundbeck Foundation Professorship.

A Lundbeck Foundation Professor is an internationally recognised researcher and research director who makes a significant contribution to neuroscience research in the broadest sense, while also developing and mentoring junior researchers. The aim of the professorship is to promote the development of a top-class research environment and to facilitate ground-breaking research.
The professorship comes with a grant of DKK 20-40 million and runs over six-year period with an option to extend.

The Foundation is seeking both Danish and internationally recognised researchers at professorship level who have demonstrated outstanding research and leadership as well as significant and excellent achievements within the last ten years.

The application deadline is 31 January 2019.

*Our understanding of neuroscience
The focus of the Lundbeck Foundation’s neuroscience funding is defined sufficiently widely to include interaction and collaboration between researchers in neuroscience and related disciplines (including medical, technical, natural, social sciences and humanities)

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