Call for applications for Grants of Excellence

The Lundbeck Foundation hereby invites applications for two advanced neuroscience grants which will be awarded to excellent researchers with documented experience as independent leaders of high-quality neuroscience research groups at universities or university hospitals.

The grants will be awarded for five years, and each individual grant amounts to 3 million Euro.

The grants will be awarded to two internationally highly recognized principal investigators,
who will further develop a strong research program within the area of neuroscience, including clinical neuroscience and psychiatry. The grants may well attract Danish or foreign researchers from abroad who wish to move to Denmark and continue their research here. Applicants should have an agreement of association or employment with a Danish university or university hospital to be hosted there for the grant period.

The applicants will be asked to account for a research plan (max 10 pages), collaborators,
budget (may include applicant's own salary), and a letter of intent from the Director/Chair
of the Department/Research Centre where the work will take place. In addition, the following should be provided: a curriculum vitae with a summary of previous achievements, including documentation for the applicant's experience as a research leader, and a list of publications. Finally the applicant should ensure that 3 letters of recommendation are forwarded as pdf-files to the Lundbeck Foundation.

The application, written in English, can only be submitted via the Foundation's Electronic
Application System for Grants of Excellence at www.lundbeckfonden.dk, and should be sent no later than 28-04-2010.

For further information, please contact Lundbeck Foundation Director of Research
Anne-Marie Engel at tel. (+45) 39 12 80 17 or mail@lundbeckfonden.dk


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