Was in phase II/III trial with a SERCa2a gene therapy to help heart failure patients hearts to beat without increasing the oxygen consumption (NASDAQ:CLDN)

Invested: 2010
IPO: 2013
Exit: 2014

DBV Technologies

Patches for desensitization of food allergy using epicutaneous delivery in clinical trials.

Invested: 2010
IPO 2013
Exit 2014


Discovery of new pharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer within the field of epigenetics.

Invested: 2010

Sold to Gilead in 2015

River Vision LLC.

Develops a biologic to treat moderate to severe form of the orphan eye disorder Graves Orbitopathy, a very debilitating condition that ultimately can lead to blindness

Invested: 2012

Sold to Horizon in 2017

Syntaxin Ltd.

Platform with natural and modified Botulinium toxins for cell secretion inhibition.

Invested: 2010

Sold to Ipsen in 2013

Vtesse Pharma

Develops VTS-270, a mixture of 2-hydroxypropyl-B-cyclodextrins with a specific compositional fingerprint. VTS-270 is in a pivotal phase II/III clinical trial to treat patients with Niemann-Pick Disease Type C.

Invested: 2014

Sold to Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in 2017


Develops dermatological drugs, the lead being an H4 receptor antagonist in phase IIa for Atopic Dermatitis and soon phase IIa for Psoriasis.

Invested: 2014

Sold to  Novartis in 2016

Lundbeckfonden Ventures


BONESUPPORT provides update on US orders of CERAMENT BVF
21. June 2018
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11. June 2018
scPharmaceuticals Inc. Provides Regulatory Update on FUROSCIX®
6. June 2018