Lundbeckfonden Ventures

An evergreen international life science investor

Lundbeckfonden Ventures is an evergreen life science venture fund investing internationally in healthcare companies. Our focus is projects and companies in clinical trials and we are particularly interested in specialist product opportunities.

About Us

Lundbeckfonden Ventures is an evergreen venture capital fund with investments under management currently amounting to DKK 1.6 billion. This is spread over a portfolio of around 20 companies representing a broad spectrum of therapeutic fields.

Lundbeckfonden Ventures invests 350 to 400 million Danish kroner annually in healthcare companies in USA and Europe, with its main focus on new drug development. The fund was started in the autumn of 2009.

What we do

We primarily invest in clinical projects and companies with new technology platforms and we are particularly interested in specialist product opportunities. We work internationally and as lead investor when investing in Europe. We are determined to add value to our investments and will involve ourselves actively in our portfolio companies and work in close collaboration with their management and boards.

Investment opportunities

We are seeking experienced and capable management teams that are committed to resolving the sometimes difficult challenges in projects aimed at unmet medical needs. A well-defined plan is crucial as is strong and durable patent protection and a sound understanding of the relevant markets and their regulatory frameworks.

The starting point for us is a non-confidential presentation or summary of the project or company. If it falls within our strategic focus area, we will be prepared to enter into a confidentiality agreement and evaluate confidential information. Each investment is potentially a long-term commitment and therefore it is important for us to meet the team and get to know you during our evaluation. Consequently, the next step will be to arrange a meeting where we can discuss data, plans and investment proposals. If, after this, we are interested in continuing the process, we will conduct thorough due diligence.

You can send non-confidential information to: