Our asset management

Lundbeckfonden’s available funds, around DKK 14 billion, corresponded to about 25% of our assets. We invest to achieve the best possible return on our investments in the long term, while running the least possible risk of permanent losses.

Our assets are spread across a number of different asset classes, but are primarily invested in liquid shares and bonds. The aim is to generate a reliable return on the foundation’s assets and ensure that financial resources are available to support the subsidiaries’ development and the foundation’s grant allocation activities. The available assets also enable us to act promptly if suitable opportunities such as potential acquisitions and investments arise.

“The funds are our safeguard against times of recession. They ensure that we can continue to award our research grants even if our subsidiaries aren’t doing so well. It’s important for the research community that our grants remain stable and don’t fluctuate wildly depending on the state of the foundation.” Lene Skole, CEO, Lundbeckfonden.

In the past few years, our own, competent Investment Department has managed the great majority of our assets.

Lundbeckfonden Invest