Lundbeckfonden Emerge

Empowering commercial potential

Lundbeckfonden Emerge is the early stage investment unit of Lundbeckfonden. Lundbeckfonden Emerge has the ambition to enable commercialisation of pioneering life science research by way of investment and active project involvement.

We seek out projects primarily arising from Danish research. Lundbeckfonden Emerge creates value in innovative projects through close collaboration with founders by way of detailed analysis prior to engagement, direct financing and active project participation. We seek to identify and initiate development of scientific opportunities which in depth analysis demonstrates could solve significant unmet medical needs and has substantial commercial potential.

Lundbeckfonden Emerge is an evergreen investor that can tailor investment and engagement to the specific project or company. This spans a range from exploratory investments for startup companies where initial investment is needed to understand the scope of true potential, to participating in strong, preferably international, syndicates in recently established clinical stage companies.

In addition to return on investment, Lundbeckfonden Emerge aims to help grow a healthy Danish biotech ecosystem for the long term. This means translating innovation into growth and jobs.

Emerge has an active portfolio of biotech investments.

Who we are

Lundbeckfonden Emerge is run by a small team with extensive experience in building new biotech companies, operational and business experience and a substantial network within life science and venture capital. We not only offer financing for selected cases but also offers seasoned advice or direct participation in new ventures, as part of our unique model to optimize the outcome of the venture to the benefit of all stakeholders.
We will seek to develop select projects together with founders and will take on an active role from mentoring to active project management. Each project is considered on its merits and our level of involvement tailored to best fit the process.

Investment opportunities

Our interests and investments cover a wide life sciences field and in all cases the projects are supported by solid scientific data and potential intellectual property. The main objective is to turn scientific discoveries and early stage opportunities into new biotech businesses and ultimately commercial successes.
Provided an innovative life sciences idea is based on solid science with relevant intellectual property potential, the field of investment can be wide as can the source of the project.

Should you be interested in discussing your project or company with Lundbeckfonden Emerge, please send non-confidential material to:: emerge@lundbeckfonden.com

Lundbeckfonden Emerge


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