Brain Prize Lecture by Gyuri Buzsaki, 2011 prize winner, JNS Annual Meeting, Niigita, Japan

As neuroscience and neurochemical research continue to expand on a global scale, the Japan Neuroscience Society and the Japanese Society for Neurochemistry have organized NEURO2019 as a joint meeting with the theme of “Brain Science Takes Flight: Bridging the Mind and Life,” by focusing on the most recent developments in modern neuroscience and providing an avenue to discuss potential future developments. To achieve this goal, NEURO2019 will invite internationally distinguished researchers for plenary lectures and leading Japanese neuroscientists for special lectures, and medical education programs will also be implemented. An additional focus has been placed on training of young researchers, with the program such as oral presentations of young researchers, education-related seminars. Thus, the Neuro2019 program will provide an extensive range of learning and discussion opportunities covering fundamental knowledge through to advanced fields catering to a broad range of researchers including both student/postdoctoral trainees and principal investigators.

On July 26 at 5:20 pm Gyuri Buzsaki, Brain Prize winner from 2011 will give a lecture.

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