Alexander N. Zelikin is this year’s recipient of Lundbeckfonden’s Research Prize for Young Scientists

Alexander Zelikin is receiving the prize for his impressive work to design materials that deliver drugs to the part of the body that needs them and ensure that they are activated and take effect in that precise location.

This year’s prize winner is a world-leader in the development of medical polymers and biomedical design. In the words of Birgit Schiøtt, prime motivator behind Alexander Zelikin’s nomination for the prize: “Alexander N. Zelikin is a very capable scientist who helps attract international attention to Danish science.”

For further information about Alexander Zelikin, visit Aarhus University’s website

Lundbeckfonden’s Research Prize for Young Scientists is a personal prize of DKK 300,000. It is awarded each year to a researcher under the age of 40 who has made remarkable and promising contributions to research at a very early stage of his or her career. The researcher must also be conducting research at a Danish research institution.

It is not possible to apply for this honorary award. The prize winner is nominated for the prize by one or more leading scientists who have observed the researcher in question to be particularly outstanding.

“We set up our prizes to draw attention to and acknowledge the research activities of young scientists. We’re in no doubt that we’ll be hearing much more of Alexander Zelikin,” says Anne Marie Engel.

For further details, contact
Regitze Reeh, Head of Communications, Lundbeckfonden
Tel. +45 3054 6608, email rr@lundbeckfonden.com

About Lundbeckfonden
Lundbeckfonden is one of Denmark’s largest commercial foundations, worth over DKK 50 billion. We award research grants amounting to DKK 400 to 500 million each year, primarily to Danish-based, biomedical sciences research. We also fund science education and research communication activities. With ‘brain health’ as our special focus area, we aim to create a better life through new knowledge.

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