Lundbeckfonden is governed by a board of trustees, consisting of 10 members: seven elected according to the foundation’s statutes and three elected by the employees of each of the foundation’s three subsidiaries, Lundbeck, ALK and Falck.

The board of trustees is responsible for:

  • Defining the foundation’s strategy and making decisions on issues of great significance or an unusual nature
  • Making final decisions on allocation of grants based on recommendations by the evaluation panels
  • Monitoring the organisation and ensuring that the foundation is properly run, according to legislation and Articles of Association in force from time to time, and
  • Appointing the foundation’s CEO.

Lundbeckfonden’s CEO is in charge of daily operations and management, assisted by the management team.

Board of Trustees

Steffen Kragh

Vice Chairman

Lars Holmqvist

Board Member

Michael Kjær

Board Member

Peter Schütze

Board Member

Gunhild Waldemar

Board Member

Leadership Team

Lene Skole

Chief Executive Officer

Regitze Reeh

Director of Communications

Anne-Marie Engel

Director of Research

Bertil From

Chief Financial Officer

Mette Kirstine Agger

Managing Partner

Christian Elling

Managing Partner

Kim Krogsgaard

Managing Director, The Brain Prize