A record year for Lundbeck Foundation

The annual accounts for 2014 show a result of DKK 2.5 billion which is an increase of 20 percent compared to 2013. The Foundation also increased its distribution grants from DKK 376 million to DKK 474 million.

Lundbeckfond Invest showed an increase in results from DKK 1,206 million in 2013 to DKK 2,228 million in 2014 and manages a portfolio of approx. DKK 13.7 billion. Lundbeckfond Ventures invested in six new biotech companies and is now an active co-owner of 19 companies.

Earnings from the Foundation’s three subsidiaries – Falck, ALK and Lundbeck – decreased compared to 2013, primarily due to increasing investments in a comprehensive product launch program in Lundbeck.

As a result of the positive result, the Foundation increased its grants to research to DKK 474 million distributed to 349 grants. This corresponds to the salaries of 643 scientists and technical staff. The largest single grant was a three year grant of DKK 120 million to the extension of the integrated psychiatric research project iPSYCH involving 140 researchers in Aarhus and Copenhagen as well as collaboration with leading scientists in Europe, USA and Australia.  The funds will allow iPSYCH to pursue its pioneering research into the mechanisms behind some of the major psychiatric diseases.

In the period until 2020, Lundbeck Foundation intends to distribute about DKK 3 billion for research in biomedicine and health science as well as educational and communication activities.

– Lundbeck Foundation maintains a high ambition level for its future grants and investment activities. With the strong results we have shown in the past years especially in Lundbeckfond Invest and Lundbeckfond Ventures, we are well prepared for the coming years, says Lene Skole, CEO of the Foundation.

The full report can be read and downloaded at www.lundbeckfonden.com

For further information, please contact CEO Lene Skole tel. +45 3912 8013 or Manager of Communication Regitze Reeh tel.  3054 6608 or e-mail: rr@lundbeckfonden.com



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