23 Danish biotech companies meet investors in New York

In April, US investors have the opportunity to meet with 23 Danish biotech startups in New York during DKBIO 2019.

Denmark already today has a thriving biotech and pharma industry fuelled by a strong academic environment, talent pool and capital. DKBIO conference on 10 and 11 April in New York provides a platform for US based investors to meet Danish biotech companies and investors. Among them SNIPR Biome, which closed a 50 million USD A round in March of this year and NMD pharma which raised a 47 million USD A round a year before from an international syndicate of investors.

The Lundbeck Foundation, committed to supporting the thriving Danish biotech ecosystem on all levels from academic research to commercialization, is a main sponsor of the event and all of Lundbeckfonden Emerge’s portfolio companies will be attending.

“DKBIO is an excellent two day platform for investor dating and networking and we are happy to be Viking sponsor. The format of formal presentation sand informal meetings in the heart of New York creates exactly the conditions for building networks across the Atlantic. Ultimately, we hope to open the American investors’ eyes to the immense potential of Danish biotech,” says Christian Elling, managing partner at Lundbeckfonden Emerge.

“Our portfolio company SNIPR Biome has, for instance, recently secured USD 50 million of Series A financing from a group of European investors, co-led by Lundbeckfonden Emerge. And I could imagine that the company’s CRISPR-based technology, which has been described by the media as the potential successor to penicillin, will create significant interest,” says Christian Elling.

In addition to the fact that Lundbeckfonden Emerge’s portfolio companies each have a presentation round at the conference, Emerge’s new partner, Andreas Jurgeit, and the CEO of SNIPR Biome, Christian Grøndahl, will participate in the panel debate ‘New Science, New Frontier: How new discoveries are changing the landscape’.

The theme of this year’s DKBIO is data, clinical trials and personalised medicine.

For further details please contact:

Christian Elling, managing partner at Lundbeckfonden Emerge, tel. +45 2062 1276 or cee@lundbeckfonden.com


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