October 13, 2020
Søren Dinesen Østergaard, professor at Aarhus University, is receiving the Lundbeck Foundation Young Investigator Prize. The prize comes with a monetary award of DKK 1 million and is recognition of his exceedingly talented and creative efforts to develop new tools for measuring the severity of mental illness When a science prize does its job, the...
Christian Sandøe Musaeus, doctor and PhD student, is receiving a Lundbeck Foundation 2020 Talent Prize. The prize is in reward for his research on dementia diagnosis The field of dementia is in urgent need of talented researchers – and they won’t be short of work! Numbers of dementia sufferers are growing steadily in line with...
Peter Marstrand, 30, is receiving a Lundbeck Foundation 2020 Talent Prize. He is being honoured for his studies of hereditary and potentially fatal arrhythmias If you ask, ‘could you die from the sound of the doorbell ringing in your hall?’, most people would say, ‘no, I don’t think so; it sounds a bit far-fetched’. However,...
Christopher Rohde, doctor and PhD student at Aarhus University, is receiving a Lundbeck Foundation Talent Prize Could we reduce the tendency to self-harm in some patients suffering from depression if we give them methylphenidate – a drug better known under the brand name Ritalin and used to treat ADHD, primarily in children and adolescents? The...
THE LUNDBECK FOUNDATION HONOURS FOUR GREAT RESEARCH TALENTS A key focus of the Lundbeck Foundation’s grant strategy is research talent, and the aim of our grant and prize awards is to support especially talented health researchers at Danish universities and hospitals. ‘It’s important to support these talented young researchers so that they can achieve their...


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12. November 2020
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19. October 2020


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