July 30, 2020
EO2401 combines three ‘OncoMimics’ designed to trigger the immune system into recognizing tumor cells as bacterial (i.e. non-self) and eliciting a targeted cell-killing response First patient dosed in Phase 1/2 (‘ROSALIE’) trial investigating EO2401 Paris, France and Cambridge, MA, USA – July 30, 2020 ENTEROME SA, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company leveraging its unique knowledge of...


Maude has become the stereotypical migraine patient – but it’s not quite the true picture
31. July 2020
Ancient DNA throws a ‘scientific hand grenade’ into the discussion about the arrival of humans in North America
23. July 2020
Danish researchers map key disease mechanism – and describe a completely new protein
20. July 2020


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