July 20, 2020
It is vital for the immune system to kick into gear when the body is under attack, for instance by a pathogenic virus. However, problems can arise if the immune system is overstimulated. 25 researchers from Aarhus University (AU) have examined this very scenario in a scientific report, recently published together with colleagues from Norway,...
–    FDA has agreed to key aspects of the clinical program, including the primary endpoint for the single pivotal phase 3 study –    There are approximately 175,000 and 150,000 ESKD patients with PAD in the USA and Europe respectively with no approved treatments Palma, Spain and San Diego, USA, 20 July 2020 – Sanifit, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing...


Maude has become the stereotypical migraine patient – but it’s not quite the true picture
31. July 2020
Ancient DNA throws a ‘scientific hand grenade’ into the discussion about the arrival of humans in North America
23. July 2020
Five young medical students to conduct research in the US
9. July 2020


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