November 19, 2018
Scientists are now able to pinpoint where in the body our T cells will attack. Among other things, this will have implications for research on cancer, sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. A Lundbeck Foundation researcher is heading the project. When our blood pumps around our body, it carries with it a number of vital cells. These...
Lund, Sweden, 08.00 CET, 19 November 2018 – BONESUPPORTTM, an emerging leader in orthobiologics for the management of bone voids, today announces positive top-line data from the CERTiFy (CERAMENT® Treatment of Tibia Plateau Fracture defects) study comparing CERAMENT|BVF with autologous iliac bone graft (autograft). BONESUPPORT CEO Emil Billback said:” Successfully completing the ground-breaking CERTiFy study, to demonstrate...
The faeces of the wombat have caused a stir in scientific circles. They are cubic, enabling the wombat to stack the droppings to mark its territory. According to Professor Tom Gilbert, recipient of the Lundbeck Foundation Research Prize for Young Scientists, this cube-shaped poop is an example of the elegant and creative work of evolution....


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2. February 2019
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23. January 2019


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