October 24, 2018
They’re not yet 30 but they have already shown outstanding talent, which is why three eminent upcoming researchers are receiving a Lundbeck Foundation Talent Prize. “We have here three exceptional talents who’ve all made impressive contributions to their own research fields at a very young age. Time will tell what their talent holds – it...
Ane B. Fisker, doctor and senior researcher at the Danish National Serum Institute (SSI) and associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark, is awarded the 2018 Lundbeck Foundation Research Prize for Young Scientists. Her aim is to revolutionise medical science’s view on the effect of vaccines and vitamin supplements given to children in low-income...
They are in search of completely new knowledge about cancer evolution, gut feelings, the waste disposal system of cells, blood clots in the brain and the influence of genetic variations on proteins. Supported by a Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship, these five dedicated research talents can now devote themselves to their research over the next five years....


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