Brain Conference
“Understanding and targeting Alzheimer’s disease” 5-8 May 2019, Rungstedgaard, North of Copenhagen, Denmark Co-chairs: Christian Haass, LMU Munich & German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Germany and Beth Stevens, Harvard Medical School, USA Go to application Dementia poses one of the largest health and economic problems in the world with over 50 million people worldwide living...
“Dynamics of the brain: temporal aspects of computation” 9 – 12 June 2019, Rungstedgaard, North of Copenhagen, Denmark Co-chairs: Gilles Laurent, MPIBrain Research, Frankfurt, Germany and Ila Fiete, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, USA Go to application The brain is an extraordinarily complex dynamical system whose critical operations run over timescales ranging from the sub-millisecond (e.g.,...


Lundbeckfonden sender medicinstuderende på forskningsophold i Californien
15. juli 2019
Åbent for ansøgninger om postdoc-stipendier
11. juli 2019
Indlæggelsestiderne falder efter hofte- og knæoperationer
8. juli 2019


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