september 23, 2020
Sibofimloc (EB8018/TAK-018) is a first-in-class, orally administered, gut-restricted small molecule designed to reduce inflammation underlying Crohn’s disease Sibofimloc binds FimH, a novel microbiome-derived therapeutic target validated by Enterome, to selectively disarm virulent bacteria in the gut that can cause inflammation without disrupting the local microbiome Sibofimloc is advancing through clinical development under a global licensing,...


90 mio. kr. til 18 talentfulde forskere
19. oktober 2020
Søren Dinesen Lumdbeckfonden
Psykiatriforskning udløser stor videnskabelig pris
13. oktober 2020
Christian Sandøe Musaeus Lundbeckfonden
Han satser på demensområdet
13. oktober 2020


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