About Lundbeckfonden

Lundbeckfonden is one of Denmark’s largest commercial foundations, worth over DKK 50 billion. We award research grants amounting to DKK 400 to 500 million each year, primarily to Danish-based, biomedical sciences research. We also fund science education and research communication activities. With ‘brain health’ as our special focus area, we aim to create a better life through new knowledge.

Lundbeckfonden’s business activities encompass three large subsidiaries, an international portfolio of 20 venture capital companies, a portfolio of small biotech companies based on Danish university research, and in-house administration of assets of around DKK 14 billion.

Lundbeckfonden’s history goes back over 60 years. The foundation was established in 1954 by Grete Lundbeck, a visionary businesswoman and widow of the founder of H. Lundbeck A/S, Hans Lundbeck. Over the years, she donated the shares she had inherited from her husband to the foundation and, when she died in 1965, the foundation was sole heir to her assets.

Lundbeckfonden was formally established on 4 March 1954, when Grete Lundbeck, as the majority shareholder and chair of the board of trustees, signed the trust deed. A trust deed is a charter that lays down the rules for the foundation’s financial and legal affairs. In our daily business, the trust deed provides a common thread for our activities and a framework for our decision-making.

Lundbeckfonden’s trust deed was revised 1991 when the foundation merged with the Grete and Hans Lundbeck Trust (Legat).